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3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his staPart 3Older man surprises a younger woman with his stamina.This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.HOW MANY TIMES WILL 66 GO INTO 38?More unexpected encounters on the Cruise Ship.INTRODUCTIONIn the first chapter you learned about Barb. In chapter two you met Barb’s sister Michelle and you heard about my first two days on a cruise ship. In this chapter the cruise gets better.THE CRUISE – DAY THREEThe first thing that morning I headed back to the fitness center but first I remembered to take my pill. I went through my normal routine of cardio with the stair climber, tread mill and exercise bike and then I hit the weight machines. I noticed that attendance in the aerobic class was down significantly from the first day. After the class I spoke to Paula about it.”You must have worn them out the other day,” I teased her.”Or you did,” she teased back and tapped me lightly on my crotch.I laughed and then asked, “Did you make up your mind about diving?” “Almost, Julie said she would cover aerobics for me but I have one more hurdle to clear,” she replied.”I hope we can dive at Bonaire, you’ll love it,” I reminded her.”I’m sure that I will keep your fingers crossed,” she said with a smile and then left the fitness area. I finished my work out and I was actually glad that I didn’t see Janice that morning. I went back to my cabin and took a shower. Over breakfast, I checked the schedule and confirmed that I would be giving dance lessons at 2:00PM. I had ample time to hit the sun deck with a good book and do some people watching then I would have lunch and later report for dance lessons.I located a vacant chair on the sun deck and kicked back to read my book and check out some of the bodies. There were really about ten or so women that I thought had a good figure and that I would be interested in, but the majority was overweight, out of shape or too old for me. Although I did have to admit that I had raised my standards ever since sleeping with Barb and Michelle. After awhile I had seen enough and I returned to my book.After a late lunch I headed over to the ballroom where Julie and I would conduct dance lessons. I was pleased in a way to see that none of the women at the dance lessons would be anyone that I would hit on. That made it much easier to focus on the dancing. Each day there would be a new dance to learn and that day we started with the foxtrot. Julie and I demonstrated the dance and then we danced with the passengers teaching them the steps. There were five guys there and twenty women. Julie danced with the guys first and then helped me out with the women. One guy got fresh with Julie and let his hand slip down to her ass while they were dancing. Julie put him in his place and made it clear if he ever tried it again he would be history. She told him that he would be put ashore at the next port and he would have to fly home on his own. The five guys then danced with the women as Julie and I walked around and helped them with their dance steps. The women rotated with the five men taking turns on the floor. At the end of the lesson Julie encouraged them all to practice at the ballroom that evening.Julie was all business with the dance lessons and for that matter all social activities. She was very organized and very thorough in her position. I found my self attracted to her and I liked being around her. I returned to my cabin to shower and change clothes for dinner. This evening was black tie so everyone would be dressed to the hilt. There were two seatings for dinner and tables were assigned. Each night tables and times were alternated so that you got to meet different people. Of course the big deal was to be seated at the Captain’s table and the women were ecstatic when it was there turn. That evening Janice had been seated at the Captain’s table and I did not see her after that. Apparently the Captain had taken a liking to her and invited her to his cabin after dinner.I had a delicious dinner and I enjoyed the company of the people I was seated with. After dinner I made my way to the ballroom where I knew that I would be dancing the night away. There were several single men and some couples in the ballroom but most of the women wanted me to dance with them. I danced with a number of them but one lady of all those that I danced with caught my attention.Linda was a slender woman who I guessed to be in her mid fifties. She was about 5’6″ and I estimated that she weighed about 125 pounds. She wore a stunning jade colored dress that looked good against her blonde hair and the short skirt showed off her shapely legs. The skirt was also tight enough to accentuate her curvy ass. Linda wasn’t much in the boob department but that wasn’t my interest anyway. We danced together more than I danced with the other women in spite of the fact that many of the others hit on me. Linda was the one who looked good that night and I zeroed in on her. Toward the end of the evening Linda and I danced three slow dances together and then she accepted my invitation to my cabin.We got to my cabin and I poured Linda a glass of wine. She kicked off her shoes as I hung up my tuxedo jacket.”MY feet are killing me from all that dancing. It’s these new shoes I bought for the cruise,” she sighed. “How about a nice foot massage?” I offered, “Just sit up on the bed and stretch your legs,” I instructed.Linda held her skirt close to her thighs as she swung her shapely legs up on the bed in my direction. Her legs were beautifully shaped and I couldn’t wait to see what was at the end of her pretty gams. I began to massage one foot and Linda sighed, “Oh that does feel good!”I worked on her one foot for awhile and then purposely placed it right in my crotch as I picked up her other foot. As I massaged her other foot the one in my crotch was pressed right against my erect cock. I knew Linda could feel it and that she knew what it was. My cock throbbed and I was sure she could feel it pulsating against the sole of her foot. I massaged the other foot and Linda just sighed and cooed in relaxation.”How about your calf muscles I bet they are tired as well from dancing?” I asked.Linda didn’t answer but she didn’t protest either when I began to massage her calves. I rubbed the calf of one leg while the foot of the other leg remained in my crotch. Linda took another sip of wine and tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I worked all the tension out of one calf and then started to work on the other one. Linda kept her eyes closed and her head back as I massaged her shapely legs. Occasionally she would pick up her head, sip some wine and smile at me before closing her eyes again.I didn’t ask her permission as I let my hands move up to her thighs and massaged her quads. Linda jumped at the first touch of her thighs but I told her to relax and let me work out the kinks. As I massaged her thighs I pushed her skirt up higher and I could see her panty covered crotch. Linda was wearing her panties over the garter belt. I let my hands wonder all over her thighs as I massaged her inner thighs as well. I could clearly see a wet spot had formed on Linda’s panties.Linda kept her eyes closed as I massaged her thighs and I decided to take it to the next step. I moved my hands above her stockings and caressed the naked skin. Linda flinched and opened her eyes to stare at me. She still didn’t protest but she looked like she was in heat. I ran my hand over her panty covered pussy and she almost leaped off the couch.I canlı bahis pushed Linda’s skirt up to her hips and leaned over to kiss her creamy thighs. She gasped aloud at the touch of my lips to her naked skin. I knew that she was struggling with her desires. I could smell the sweet aroma of sex that was given off by her pussy as my face moved closer to her crotch. I lifted Linda’s legs to my shoulders and kissed her inner thighs just below her panties. She groaned with pleasure as she reached down with her hands to control my head. I moved the panties
to one side of her vulva baring her sopping wet cunt. I tickled her outer lips with my fingers and then let them slip inside her vagina. Linda was so wet that two of my fingers slid in easily and she u*********sly relaxed her grip on my head. I moved my mouth toward her and closed over her pussy shoving my tongue into her wetness. Linda cried out and grabbed my head again but this time she held it tight to her quim. I lapped at her pussy as I fingered her with two fingers. Then I spread her pussy lips apart and located her throbbing clit peeking out from its protective hood. Linda was really excited as her erect clit looked like a teeny dick sticking out. I sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips up into my face. I reached under her and cupped her shapely ass cheeks in my hands as I drove into her pussy with my tongue and nibbled on her clit.”Oh this is quick, I’m cumming. Hold me, please hold tight,” she screamed as she lost it.The climax rocked her body and I held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked all over the bed. I kept right on eating her pussy and I held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Linda slowly calmed after her intense orgasm and I continued to lick her until her pussy was dry. As we lay on her sofa I continued to lick and kiss her bare thighs above her stockings as she ran her hands through my hair.”Oh that was something I really came hard. Thank you, thank you!” she murmured.I peeled off her panties leaving her stockings and garter belt on her body. Linda watched me as if she was in a trance as I pushed my tuxedo pants and underwear down to my knees and my rock hard cock leaped out. I moved between her thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. She shivered in anticipation. I eased her back down on the bed and proceeded to feed my thick cock to her. “Oh, oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck”, she cried. I slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to my size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until I was buried balls deep in her pussy. “Oh my I have never been so full of cock, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever”, she cried out a little too loud for my liking.I pounded her pussy making sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit. Linda had multiple orgasms as I fucked her. I pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. Then I reached under her and unhooked the bra and pushed it up over her tits. She had small pretty firm tits with rock hard nipples. I twirled the nipples in my fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in my mouth. She went wild telling me. “Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!” I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Linda stiffened and then had another violent orgasm.She yelled, “Hold me, please hold me, I’m cummmming!” I reached around behind her and pulled her toward me as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did I and cum from my cock oozed into her pussy. As she started to recover I laid her back down on the sofa and slowly fucked her as my cock remained hard. My cock was swimming in our combined juices in her cunt.”Are you okay, Linda?” I asked her. She smiled at me and said, “My God, I have never cum like that in a very long time.” She looked down at my soft cock and took it in her hand, “You are big,” she said as she stroked my hard cock.”Let’s take our clothes off,” I suggested.Linda smiled at me and replied, “Yes, let’s do that. We should have done that earlier.We stripped off our clothes and Linda got in bed on her back. She held her arms open to me welcoming me between her legs again. I crawled between her legs and slipped my hard cock back in her pussy. I wanted to fuck this hot woman all night. I fucked Linda as long as she had multiple orgasms and the final one was so violent she nearly bucked me off her body. Then she collapsed and cried out. “Please stop, I have to rest. I have never been fucked so thoroughly in my life. I want to do this but I need a rest. I am not sure I can cum any more right now.””Does that thing ever go down?” she asked as she dried it tenderly. “Not as long as I am around you”, I said cupping her ass and then asked, “How about if I finish your massage?”Linda smiled as I retrieved a bottle of body oil from my bag. She crawled back on her bed and lay face down. I admired her shapely ass and I wondered if she would let me fuck her there. I wanted to save her ass for later though so I told her to turn over on her back.”Front first,” I said as I rolled her over.I started at her feet and worked my way her legs and thighs but I did not touch her pussy. Then I moved my hands up to tits and twirled her delicious nubs in my fingers. I worked my hands back down her torso and this time I touched her pussy and fingered her gently as well. I located her clit again and rolled it in my oily fingers emitting a short gasp from her. Linda seemed to have another small orgasm just from being touched.”Time to do the other side,” I told her as I rolled her onto her stomach.I marveled at her soft flawless skin and shapely ass for her age. This time I started with her shoulders and worked my way down to her ass, thighs and legs. She was so relaxed I felt that she might fall asleep. I paid special attention to her ass and placed a well-oiled finger in her bunghole. My finger was so slick and she was so relaxed that it slid in easily. I continued to massage her shapely beautiful ass and finger her hole. I added a second finger and although it was much snugger Linda didn’t complain. I pulled her up by her hips until her curvy ass was in the air and she lay with her head to one side on the bed. She was almost crooning as I continued to finger her asshole and then began to finger her pussy as well.I removed my fingers and eased my engorged cock into her pussy. I began to fuck her slowly and then added first one then two fingers back in her asshole. Linda was on the verge on an uncontrollable orgasm and as she began to thrust and shake, I took advantage of her state and tried to slide my cock from her cunt to her asshole. I managed to get the head outside the sphincter and then Linda panicked. As she bucked and shuddered with an intense orgasm she almost impaled her ass on my cock. Only when she started to come back to earth did she realize that my cock was about to enter her ass.”Oh my God not in my ass I have never done that”, she said in a panic. “Relax,” I told her “I would never hurt you, trust me, you will learn to like it,” I reassured her. “No please no I have never done this and you are too big,” she pleaded.Linda was clearly scared and I didn’t want to hurt her or frighten her. I backed off her ass for now thinking that in due time I would conquer her but tonight was the not the night to push it. I moved my cock back into her pussy and resumed fucking her doggy style. Soon I had a smooth rhythm going again and I was sawing in perabet and out of her pussy easily. Fucking her doggy style was the next best thing to fucking her ass. I could still fondle her shapely ass and finger her bung hole. Linda cooed as I fucked her pussy from behind and fingered her clit as I plowed into her. Soon I felt my balls tighten just before I unleashed my second load of cum into her pussy. I eased my cock out of her with an audible squishing sound. I collapsed on the bed and Linda lay next to me handling my still hard cock. She blew me away when she slid down and took my cock in her mouth. As she lovingly cleaned my cock with her mouth she kept repeating, “Thank you; oh thank you, thank you.”We then lay still for awhile before Linda spoke again, “I’m sorry about my ass but I have never been ass fucked and I was afraid that your size would really hurt me. I just couldn’t go through with it.””It’s okay I understand,” I replied and then added, “It was just that your ass looked so hot and you seemed to enjoy my finger in there that I wanted to fuck your ass.”She still held
my erect cock and asked, “How long do you stay hard taking those pills?””The longest so far has been three hours but I really don’t know,” I admitted.”You’re supposed to call the doctor if your erection lasts more than four hours,” Linda told me.”Yeah I heard that but if I stay erect for more then four hours, I’m going to have the cruise ship add me to the activities list,” I replied.Linda and I both laughed and then she told me that she should get going. She took a rinse off in the shower and then dressed. She kissed me and then thanked me for a lovely evening. Linda left my room and I dozed off thinking about Paula and Julie.THE CRUISE – DAY FOURThe next morning I woke up and I was in the mood for a swim. It was early so the pool was nearly empty. The other two people swimming in the pool were the First Mate and Paula. There was still one lap open so I joined them and swam laps along with them. The First Mate finished his work out first and left Paula and me alone in the pool. I stopped swimming when she finished her laps. I sat up on side of the pool as she swam over to me and held onto the side.”You know you are the talk of the cruise so far,” Paula said to me.”Really why is that?” I inquired.”Well you get laid every day and yet you workout like a tri-athlete,” she giggled.”Why do people think I’m getting laid every day?” I mused.”I already told you the ladies are gaga over you and last night it wasn’t very quiet in your room,” Paula said in a sultry tone.”Last night, what are people stopping by my door and listening?” I snapped.”They didn’t have to, After Ike closed up the bar last night, he and I were walking back to our quarters when we passed your room. She was a vocal one and we couldn’t help but hear her,” Paula laughed.I knew that Linda had been loud but I never expected that anyone would be in the passageway, “Guilty as charged,” I admitted.”Okay on a different topic, I got permission to dive Bonaire with you, providing no one signs up for diving at Aruba or Curacao. I will know later today for sure. Where would we stay on Bonaire?” “I have only stayed at the Sand Dollar and they have a good dive operation. There are other places that I know off but I have never stayed at: Captain Don’s Habitat, Buddy Dive and Divi Dive all have good reputations,” I told her.”I leave it up to you then. I’ll talk to you later. I need to get going now and get ready for aqua aerobics,” Paula said.”Should I get a funny hat and join you?” I said mockingly.”You don’t need a hat, you’re funny looking enough!” she said and scurried off.I swam a few more laps and then returned to my cabin to shower and get ready for breakfast. I had to work with Julie twice that day giving dance lessons, once at 10:00AM and then again at 2:00PM. After breakfast I headed down to the ballroom and met up with Julie. The class was crowded that morning and we ran over by an hour. Julie had to leave at the regular time but I stayed with the ladies and finished up the lesson.After the lesson I checked with Paula and she said it was go to dive Bonaire. Then I went down to the ship’s business office and used their communications to set up the dive trip. As it turned out the Sand Dollar had a room available and they had an afternoon dive scheduled for Klein Bonaire. Divi Dive was conducting a night dive in the harbor so I signed up for that as well. I also booked the flights from Aruba to Bonaire and the return from Bonaire to Curacao. I left a message for Paula that we were good to go.I grabbed a light lunch and then made my way back to the ballroom for the 2:00PM dance lessons. This group was smaller and was mostly couples. There were only five single ladies at the lesson. That lesson went a lot smoother and we finished up on time at 3:30PM. I hung out on the sun deck the rest of the day until about 7:00PM. I was in the second seating for dinner that evening which wasn’t until 8:00PM.After dinner I made my way to the bar. I pulled up a stool and Ike smiled at me and brought me a scotch on the rocks. The bar was located adjacent to the ballroom so I could see the people dancing. I wasn’t up for dancing that evening as it had been a long day. I thought that I would have a couple of drinks and then turn in. Tomorrow would be a busy day. I just ordered a second drink when a lady sat in the stool next to me. I looked at her and smiled and she returned the smile. “Hi I’m Pam,” she introduced herself.”I’m Walt, nice to meet you Pam,” I replied politely.”Not dancing tonight?” she asked.”No, I thought that I would give it a rest. I had two lesson sessions today,” I told her.”Could I persuade you to dance a few songs with me, if I said pretty please?” Pam asked.I detected a somewhat southern accent. “Where are you from Pam?” I asked.”Well I was born and raised in Kentucky but I live in Ohio now,” she replied exaggerating the southern accent this time.I heard a swing song start to play so I took Pam’s hand and led her to the dance floor, “Come on, a couple of dances and then I have to turn in.”Pam and I danced the swing song and then three slow songs were played that we danced to. Pam rubbed her body into mine and slid her leg between mine. It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard with Pam rubbing her thigh into my crotch. She leaned into and whispered in my ear.”I can feel your big cock in your pants you must be enjoying our dance. Come to my cabin after this dance and I’ll make you feel even better,” she said softly.Pam gave me her cabin number and after the dance she left. I went back to the bar to leave a tip for Ike. He was smiling again at me as I approached the bar.”You have got to tell me your secret man. You get more pussy than anyone I know on this cruise,” Ike said with a laugh.”You have to learn how to lick your eyebrows,” I joked.Ike waved and I left the bar. I decided to take Pam up on her offer so I went to her cabin. Pam answered the door and she was dressed in white panties and a sweater bra. I had never seen a sweater bra before and it was kind of sexy. Pam told me to come in and then she turned and walked back into the room. As Pam walked away from me I looked at her big round ass and fleshy thighs. Pam was a little heavier in her ass and thighs than I normally liked but I had not paid much attention to it earlier. As I looked at Pam’s big round curvy ass I decided that I would try to fuck her ass that night. I walked in the room and Pam began unbuttoning my shirt. “I can undress myself,” perabet giriş I offered.”But it’s more fun when someone does it for you,” she replied.Pam unbuttoned and removed my shirt. Then she kissed me and worked her way down my body kissing my chest down to my waist. Pam then unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and pulled my pants down my legs. I slipped off my loafers and then lifted one leg at a time so that Pam could pull my trousers off. Pam then removed my socks before returning to my underwear. My cock was rock hard in my briefs and Pam ran her hand over the outline of my cock in my underwear. She looked up at me and smiled. Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband of my briefs and slowly pulled them over my pubes. Pam made sure that my cock got caught in the waistband as she seemed to like seeing it spring out. Pam pulled my underwear as far down as she could without freeing my cock. The she finally pulled the briefs clear and my cock sprung out into her face. She smiled as it bobbed in front of her.”I can see that someone is happy to see me,” Pam said as my cock bobbed around in front of her.Pam then pulled my briefs all the way off and I stepped out of them. Then she surprised my by standing up, going over to the bed and lying face down. I assumed that it was just another game she was playing. I walked over to the bed and I grabbed her panties and yanked them off her body. I left the sweater bra on her as she actually looked sexier partially clothed. I lifted her up by her hips and I ran my tongue along her pussy lips. Pam cooed as my tongue found its wa
y into her pussy and located her clit. I spotted some lotion on the table next to the bed so I took it and put a lot of it on my hand. I rubbed the lotion into the crack of Pam’s ass and then I slipped a finger into her asshole. I began to finger fuck Pam’s ass with my index finger and then I pushed my middle finger and ring finger into her pussy. I finger fucked her pussy and ass at the same time with my three fingers.”Oh that feels good. Imagine what a tongue would feel like in there,” she said and then added, “I douched my pussy and my ass tonight in case you want to put your tongue in there.”It had been awhile since I rimmed a girl’s asshole but I was in the mood for some anal sex and I went for it. I grabbed Pam’s fleshy ass cheeks and pried them apart so that I could get a good look at her rosebud. I ran my tongue around the rim causing her to gasp. I moved my tongue from her ass to her pussy and back again driving her wild. True to her word, her ass was clean and smelled fresh. Pam began cumming and her hips rotated as she moved her big ass around. I fastened my mouth to her pussy and clamped onto her clit. Pam screamed in orgasm and then her body flattened on the bed. I was about to shove my cock in her pussy when she rolled over. “I want you to fuck me like this,” she said as she raised her legs back to her shoulders, “I want my legs on your shoulders as you drill me with your cock.”I got up and stood on the bed and lowered my cock into Pam’s pussy. Pam placed her legs on my shoulders and I leaned forward over her. I placed my hands on the bed above Pam’s head for balance and I drilled her pussy from above. I fucked her hard and fast and she was really into this position. I felt as if we were filming a porn movie. I had never fucked anyone in this position before but I was getting into it and I let her have it. Pam was groaning and moaning as she had a string of orgasms as I pounded her pussy. I pulled her toward me and our bodies meshed together. I lifted Pam’s sweater bra off her body and rubbed her sensitive tits.”Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” I asked her.”Yes,” she admitted, “But with lubricant.”I smiled at Pam and put her on all fours. She turned her body so that she could watch herself in the mirror over the dresser. She was sideways to the mirror on all fours when I began to grease up her asshole. I applied more lotion to her ass cheeks and then I added more to her asshole. I fingered her asshole with my little finger than a larger one and finally my thumb with my middle finger stroking her enlarged clit. Pam raised her hips slightly so that I could get to her pussy easier and by doing so she accentuated her shapely ass. My thumb was snug in her ass and my cock was throbbing again.”Are you getting me ready for your big cock?” Pam asked as she watched us in the mirror. I answered her by removing my thumb, kissing my way down her arched back as I fondled her curvy buttocks with my hands. I planted kisses on her ass cheeks and tickled her pink hole with my tongue. She gasped out loud as I rimmed her again that night.I backed off and asked her if she was alright to which she wiggled her ass and told me to keep tonguing her bottom. I lifted her hips up a little higher and gently spread her ass cheeks wider and lapped around her bung hole. I penetrated her rectum with the tip of my tongue and I heard her breathing become shallow and labored. I slipped my tongue in as deep as I could and Pam went wild. Her body shook with convulsions as she had yet another intense orgasm. I held on to her hips with my tongue buried in her ass as she bucked and trembled.I then moved behind her and eased my cock into her well prepared asshole. Pam had totally relaxed and it took her awhile to realize that the head of my cock was now in her ass. I had added more lotion along with my saliva making my dick very slick.”Not too deep at first it’s been awhile. Let me get used to it then you can go deeper but slowly,” she coaxed.I fed it to her a little at a time probably no more than a quarter or half inch. Each time I allowed her to adjust to the thickness and deepness of the penetration. It seemed like hours before my cock was fully lodged in her ass. Once I thought she was comfortable I started fucking her ass, first with short stokes and then longer ones.I was so turned on as I watched my cock saw in and out of her big beautiful ass. Pam had her head turned to the side of the mattress and she was gripping the bed sheets with both hands as I fondled her shapely buttocks and plowed into her. I could feel myself on the verge of a big orgasm and it felt like it started in my toes. All of a sudden it let loose and I came in her ass. My cock seemed to swell up bigger than ever and it seemed that my sperm had no where to go.I kept slowly fucking her ass until we both calmed down. Pam’s ass involuntarily was milking my cock draining it of all my seed. When my cock slipped from her asshole with an audible pop, my cum oozed out and ran down the back of her legs and over her pussy. She collapsed face down on the bed and I lay down along side of her. We were drained and exhausted. I stroked her buns lovingly as we lay quietly. Pam dozed off with me stroking her big round ass so I let her sleep. I quietly got out of bed, dressed and let myself out. I looked up and down the passageway and there was no one around. I then returned to my own cabin for a needed good night’s sleep. The next morning I skipped my workout since I would be doing two dives later that day. After breakfast I packed my gear bag and then waited for the ship to dock at Aruba. Paula and I left the ship after it docked and we took a taxi to the Aruba airport. Then we caught a puddle jumper that flew to Bonaire. Once we arrived at Bonaire we took the airport shuttle to the Sand Dollar and checked in. All the while that we traveled I wondered if I would get to do more with Paula then SCUBA dive. I loved her slender fit figure and I imagined kissing and licking her firm body from head to toe. She had the most delicious looking abs and I hope to kiss them on my way down to her hot little pussy. I didn’t know what would happen but I was sure to take one of my pills that day.

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