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230 Holiday surprise part 1cthis is the first of a long trilogy of stories first put up in 2015, they are now broken into manageable parts,and polished i hope having had 2 years experience since then, they cover, bdsm, k9, bondage, branding, piercing and changing lives in general so if you don’t like those things better not to start cos its addictive… be warned lolHappy Englishmen like me toddle of for a holiday once a year, to get away from the world.Now if like me you had a stressful job (or at least I did have back in the 80`s) to avoid a stressful holiday, you needed to satisfy the wife as to where you went, while still managing to keep the k**s happy while not having to travel overseas, mainly as I can`t stand the French, have no interest in the rest of Europe, and couldn’t afford to go further afield anyway! To fulfil all the criteria would be a good trick I knew, so we had discussed our holiday destination very long and hard, for a change I won! Thus, it was to a sandy beach on the edge of the Romney marshes that we took our elderly caravan, found a small site and plonked our-selves down to relax for a fortnight of sun and sand. The beach was backed by sand dunes, behind which was a jolly little pub, so it was ideal for me to wet a dry throat without need for journeys in the motor with its related risks to life limb and licence!By day three I was getting restless; I had read the book`s I had brought with me and the telly had the usual collection of cooking, detectives, and DIY programs that we pay so much for a licence for, our old van was hardly conducive to wild sex, the walls being thin and the wife being a moaner and anyway she said she wanted to soak up rays and not anything a mere male could provide.So, leaving mother to scorch and dragging my blue balls with me, I took my faithful drawing Kit and set off for the dunes, for an afternoon of sketching for a later canvas, with the vague notion of stopping off for a pint or two on the way. The little pub was fairly full, and it was as I fetched the second pint that I noticed a tall dark woman downing pints in company with her husband and a lad of about 17 in the window alcove.Nothing remarkable you may think but the lady was a pretty thing in a long sundress, sun glasses, and long hair, aged about 40 at most, but with a figure that gave dolly Parton competition. The younger man had his arm around her and the older chap was up and down fetching drinks at a fair pace, the lady putting down pints as fast as he could fetch them.They were too far away to really hear what the men were saying, but I thought I heard the lad refer to her as mum, which as he was sitting with his arm round her in a very friendly pose, struck me as strange.Half an hour passed as I quietly contemplated life, the bottom of a very agreeable pint and the daily paper when the lady and her companions rose to leave, the young man arm in arm with the lady and the older chap following behind.My glass was empty, and I went to the bar for a refill, where I remarked to the landlord on the ladies obviously outstanding shape. He informed me that the group who had just left were a local family, who spent a lot of time sunbathing in the dunes and that they acted a little oddly, the son always being the one to display affection to the mother and the father always a little subdued in the son`s presence. He went on to mention that the wife drank lager like a fish on some sort of mission and that they came in every day at noon en-route for the dunes.The moment passed as these things do, I finished my pint and went on my way to do a sketch or two on the crowded sands.My thoughts though, kept wandering back to the busty lady and her strange family set up, wondering if I might catch sight of her in perhaps her swimwear, as I have a breast fetish and she had an exceptional pair!The sun beat down but there was an annoying gusty breeze that whipped sand into the eyes of the un-wary. I spent an hour trying to sketch the estuary of a local river where it cut across the sands, till I came to the conclusion that I would have to do this again when the wind had dropped and as I wanted to include some wading birds which would not appear, until the maddening c***dren had gone home.Thus, I began to wander back along the dune line, Couples and families were tucked away in every hollow stretched out in the sun, to avoid the breeze and the flying sand, one or two were asleep with the k**s digging happily in the warm sand burying granddad or whatever k**s do.This was when I came upon the little family from the pub, father dozing on a large towel, mother and son lying entwined on another, the men in swimwear, the lady in the sundress she had had on earlier, the sons arm d****d over her with the wrist vanishing into her skirt front.I quickly took up a position on the next dune where I could watch while pretending to sunbathe, hopefully without rousing interest. I didn`t have long to wait as the son`s hand was soon busy, to the ladies’ joy, she was soon writhing on the fingers of the youngster groaning and generally enjoying the experience. I had the impression dad was only pretending to be comatose, as his breathing was not the slow regular gasps of a sleeper, but the faster breaths of a man nearing his sexual peak. This was born out by the way his hand was grasping whatever was hidden in his swim trunks and the pained look on his face.The son absorbed as he was in pleasuring the mother, seemed oblivious of the older man`s actions as if it was an everyday occurrence, which oddly I later found out that it was!The fact that a stranger had flopped himself down in full view of them all seemed to be causing no embarrassment at all as not a stroke was missed by either man and the mother, who was just too far gone to care!The long dress was by now open to the crotch, her legs slightly apart his hand covering her slit as she began to hit her climax, her hips rising and writhing in a convulsive explosive orgasm, accompanied by a loud cry of “Trevor….”Dad too began to gasp as his moment arrived, no pretence of sleeping now his hand pistoning back and forth as he watched his wife being used by his son.I lay on the hot sand, amazed at what I had just witnessed, unable to up and leave, as my own erection fortunately hidden by my sketch bag, was such that walking would have proved tricky and not a little embarrassing.Fortunately, I could see from my position on my dune a fair view of the beach, as well as the goings on in the little alcove the family had chosen, they could not see or be seen by anyone not wandering in the dunes, way off the well-worn paths as I had been.I began to sketch the view, not that I had a lot of interest in the view but more as a valid reason to stay in my vantage point. The family quietly continued with their activities, the lady returning the favour with the lad who I now knew as “Trevor” by burying her face in his crotch, while father closed his eyes in the afterglow of his orgasm, lay back and relaxed in the sun while his wife and son took their pleasure of one another only feet away. It was all fairly surreal, rather like watching a personal porn show.The lad didn`t last long, her cheeks suddenly filling like a hamster with a face full of food, as he groaned loudly. She swallowed the lot, licking her lips as if she had just finished the most delicious meal, before collapsing back on her towel with a satisfied groan. Walking would have been on the totally impossible list for me now as my penis was so stiff I was having trouble keeping the sketch pad resting on the bag against my knees.Trevor leapt up and grabbing a towel set off for a swim, I watched him run down the beach and drop the towel before diving headlong into the surf. His mother prodded her husband awake and he set off to the beach cafe for ice cream`s, which he did returning a short time later and presenting the fast softening cones to his wife and newly returned son like some lover presenting an engagement ring to his intended. She received the offering without comment, and quickly consumed the proffered ice in the same manner she had worked on h
er son`s penis. It, was all too much for me and I spontaneously washed the inside of my underpants while pretending to rub out the last pencil work. To my disgust the rest of the afternoon passed without incident, the family packing up and leaving after an hour or so, all three nodding in greeting as they passed my vantage point.I mersin escort soon wandered off back to the camp site, where my wife was soon cooking local caught fish over the barbeque!The next day after taking the wife to the local shops I again set off to sketch, in the hope of another sighting of the lovely lady and her family. I went straight to the pub and was soon sitting in the corner with paper and pint. At the stroke of noon, that family reappeared, “Trevor” and his mother hand in hand and dad trailing behind as usual, they nodded a greeting, they then sat in their window and dad fetched his wife cold lager in a tall glass and a shandy apiece for himself and the boy.Before the men had had a couple of mouthful s the lady had sent dad back to the bar for another lager and this process went on for an hour. I surmised the lady had a body like a tanker, her men-folk having consumed just the first pint to her 5 or 6.I had determined to go and sit in my place on the dune before they arrived, as I felt it would add credence to my pose as an artist, thus I wandered off before the family left the pub, taking my place as I had the day before.They arrived as I expected, nodded, lay out their towels and lay down in just the same places as they had the day before, it was getting as if they were running on a predictable fixed routine.Out on the beach a mother and her brood caught my eye, an older mother of rounded shape, struggling with her towel to change with as much dignity as she could into her bathing suit, I began to sketch her, capturing her ample outline on my pad and adding shade after she had changed and settled on her towel, though I say it myself it was a good likeness, all the time keeping a weather eye on Trevor and his mother.Yesterday I had missed the first part of young Trevor’s routine having gone off to sketch the river, not so today, armed with a bottle of pop bought from the pub, a towel to sit on and a new sketch pad, I was here for the whole afternoon, seated in the gallery. The routine (as I called it after the third day) began with Trevor laying in the sand, his mother straddling him and wetting his body by the simple procedure of pissing on him until he told her enough. Now I don’t know about you but stopping mid stream, be it on command or not I find difficult but as requested this lady did just that, stepping back as commanded. Being fully clothed in her sun dress the procedure had been fairly discrete, till then, but if that was to me bizarre, the next act was even more far out as the father was now ordered by his own son, to lick and kiss that wet body dry. To my amazement without a murmur, the old boy was down and doing as instructed in a single bound. Receiving, on completion a “well done” pat from Trevor, like some pet dog that had fetched the ball for his master.By now my subject the big lady with the k**dies, had been forgotten, my eyes were riveted to the scene before me, mesmerised. The three carried on as if on a deserted island somewhere, oblivious of the rest of the known world. Father knew the script and turned on his knees to face his wife who held open her sun dress for him to lick at her sex, which seemed to me to be the first thing he had done that seemed “normal”, however even that was to be a surprise to me when the master of their universe, young Trevor, commanded his mother to “give him his drink”! I can only say that the lady had perfect control of her bladder, as she proceeded to wash father`s tonsils with the remains of her dinnertime lager. That old lad didn`t spill a drop, appearing to relish his unusual refreshment and with a smile on his face licking his lips. The family now settled down on their towels, as if nothing untoward had happened, which I suppose to them it hadn`t and after my erection had deflated, I went back to my sketching of the lady on the beach.After perhaps an hour, Trevor, to my surprise wandered across and passed away the time of day in a most normal fashion, the weather, what was I sketching that sort of thing, he then asked to see what I had done and since I was fairly happy with the afternoons work I showed him the caricature`s.He seemed fairly impressed by the pencil work, especially the big ladies` breasts, now long since covered up, remarking on the way I seemed fixated on breasts, which I confirmed.He asked if I would sketch his mother, which I was more than happy to do, so he invited me over to where the lady lay on her towel introducing her to me as “Eve” and telling her that I was here to “sketch her tit`s” telling her to get her shirt off, which she scrambled to do as quickly as she could in silence, he did not introduce the father figure.Up until this I had only ever seen the lady in a well filled shirt, now I was confronted with a fabulous pair of breasts encased in a white lacy bra, a dark shadow passed across Trevor’s face when he saw the bra was white, he was about to tell her to remove the bra, when I stopped him saying I would work on the sketch like this, perhaps that was to save the ladies blushes or perhaps my own.“Eve” had not uttered a sound, (thinking about it the only sounds I had heard her utter since she came into my consciousness had been the one word “Trevor “at the height of her orgasm!) Here she was, an artist`s joy, compliantly sitting up on the towel, still as a statue, with a strange man sketching every detail of her upper body, on the instructions of her son.Trevor began to tell me of the home they had about a mile inland, he said it was an isolated place surrounded by farmland, which suited their lifestyle to the ground, my mind was running overtime and it took me quite a while to complete a fairly good sketch, which Trevor seemed to feel was good enough to frame, offering to pay for it, which I declined, asking if I could visit them at home and do some more sketches of the good lady as models like her being hard to come by.To this Trevor began to laugh, “by all means” he chuckled, then ordered the father to fetch ice creams for all of us, which the old chap quickly scuttled away to fetch.He quietly explained that he was master of the house, a fact that I had already gathered, that perhaps their lifestyle was a little different to a lot of other folks, and that if I would promise discretion he would arrange for me to visit their home to sketch some much more erotic poses. The deal was quickly struck; over a “99 cornet” each delivered by a now breathless dad who must have run both ways to fetch them.That evening I set out for the little homestead, leaving my misses wrapped round the telly, she hardly noticed when I announced I was off to play skittles at the pub in the nearby village.It took a good quarter of an hour down unfamiliar tracks to find the isolated little bungalow tucked away beside the local canal, the sun was still showing and the heat radiating from the baked ground when I finally drew up in the front yard, the little place looked well tended, windows sparkling, curtains white, borders trimmed, but there was a strange quiet about the whole place.Dad met me at the door, grunted something about he had seen me coming and led me into the front room. That front room was everything a small cottage would normally have, sofa, two armchairs, sideboard all in polished oak and fawn upholstery, a couple of water-colours of the local features on the walls pot plant in the window, a bookrack with assorted novels surrounding an open fire-place, the archetypal English 1930`s front parlour. Trevor appeared, impressing on me the need for “tight lipped secrecy”, he explained they kept this room for visitors, the vicar, neighbours and the like!Then he went on to explain that the rest of the house they used as a “playpen”, that his father “Joe”, (the first time I had heard his name), was a devoted sub and a cuckold,
mother was “just a sub” who spoke little and absorbed pain and humiliation in a way no other woman he had ever met could do, he was master and liked my work so much he was going to let me enjoy the lady.He said he had an instinct about who to trust, who was into “the scene”, and that I had impressed him by discretely watching without comment even when his father had drunk from Eve`s fountain.Not one to miss out, and as my wife was shall we say unavailable due to the thin walled van, I was more than happy to agree to his requests. He led me through a small kitchen, to a back room that at some point had been a garage, here escort mersin he proudly showed me an array of all manner of BDMS toys, whips, clamps, chains, manacles, d****d on the long wall opposite the doorway, a set of lifting gear such as you would see in a garage hung from the beams, a St Andrews cross adorned the wooden doors at one end, and a pillory stood at the other.There were two leather armchairs; the whole scene lit by small individual spotlights, the chairs arranged either side of the entrance door. A less likely set up it would be hard to imagine in this pretty little house.“What I want” he said, “is some sketches of Eve, in painful looking poses so that when the time comes I will have some wonderful memories to look back on”. I didn`t pick up on the significance of “when the time comes” as we shall see. So far, this strange family had given me the impression of a slightly weird group of players who enjoyed eccentric sexual deviancy, but seemed to my untrained eye`s to be harmless enough, hadn`t he said painful looking poses and referred to the room as a “playpen”?Joe appeared with beers on a tray served to us as we sat in the armchairs, discussing what Trevor wanted me to capture on paper.Now my good lady though not outwardly a player is one who once roused becomes a “try anything once sort of lady,” she is hard to get started but has tried a lot of things in the past and in her wilder moments had expressed a fantasy about bondage and BDMS, however we had never had chance of use of a dungeon and I broached the subject with Trevor thinking that as long as things didn`t get out of hand she may like to try the BDMS thing on offer here. Trevor jumped at the idea, saying he would love to meet the lady that he would be gentle with her if I would do the sketches and it would be up to me to persuade her to visit and to vouch for her silence.For this evening though, he would put Eve on the cross and I could sketch her there both before she was punished and after.Punished? Now that I would be keen to watch, at the click of his fingers Joe was sent to fetch Eve, while Trevor adjusted the lighting and I set up the sketching kit such as it was.Joe reappeared with his wife literally in tow on a collar and lead such as any dog would wear; she was wearing a dark skirt, and white blouse, through which a black bra was just visible and slippers which she kicked off at the entrance. Eve removed her blouse, and paused looking at me as if asking whether to remove her bra, I nodded my assent and she carefully removed the wispy black item revealing a pair of what I can only say were magnificent breasts, her nipples standing proud on a pair of large but not particularly saggy creamy white orbs.Trevor pointed to the cross and without a word Eve moved to her place, Joe removed the dog- lead then began to strap his wife`s ankles’ to either of the wooden beams. Then Joe strapped his wife`s arms to the upper beams, not a flicker of any emotion passed across the face of either Joe or this magnificent woman as I began to draw despite my member now being as hard as I can ever remember. Joe soon appeared with another bottle of beer and the sketch was soon done though I suspect a good hour had past.Trevor had sat quietly watching his hapless victim all the while, he alone knew what was about to happen. Joe was sent to the wall to collect and fit a ball gag, which I noted caused the first look of alarm I had seen on the face of Eve patiently waiting in her bonds, the brief flicker was not wasted on Trevor, who explained that “normally we don’t use a gag, so this time she knows this punishment will be more painful than usual” He selected a split bamboo cane then sent Joe for a wooden board; this Joe was made to hold under the ladies breasts supporting the beautiful orbs so that they were resting on the board awaiting the first stroke. Trevor explained to the victim that “she would get five strokes for failing to wear black underclothes when on the beach this afternoon”, he then asked her if she was ready, to which she reluctantly nodded her head. The first stroke fell; with a swish smack that echoed around the room leaving a livid red wheal across the creamy skin, tears collected behind those huge brown eyes, she nodded again swish smack another red line a nod, swish smack, three lines now, tears falling freely, nod swish smack the fourth line Eve now twisting her body in pain her eyes told the story that she didn`t want to nod her head, to receive the next blow but she knew she would receive more if she just stood her ground, the slightest of nods and the cane landed across her nipples causing maximum pain, tears and an involuntary twitch of her still bound torso.Trevor had Joe remove the gag the five red lines standing out strongly, her tears wetting her face and dropping across her breasts, my mouth gaped open and it took a sharp word from Trevor to start my pencil on its travels across the sketch padI did what I could to put over the pain and suffering of my subject, another three quarters of an hour had passed, before I had completed the sketch, one of my finest yet,Joe then released Eve`s legs and removed the gag from her mouth, to her obvious relief, before untying the wrists of our unlucky lady. Trevor quietly asked if I had achieved an orgasm which I had not, though it had been a near thing. The fingers snapped again, and Eve sank to her knees hauled my stiff manhood from my trousers and sucked me to a huge climax in seconds. Eve looked at my sketch, her eyes if not her voice telling me it was acceptable, to my relief.They all saw me off at the door, Trevor saying he would see me on the beach next day.In the gathering darkness I drove away wondering if my wife would fancy her turn on that wooden cross.The next day after breakfast; and the k**s had scampered off for the first swim of the day, I raised the topic of sex with my lady. True to form at first, she was reluctant, but after a short time she began to warm to the story of the family on the beach, I saved the dungeon for the second wind so to speak hoping for a moment when she was at least a little turned on. She agreed to come on a sketching trip to the dunes, more to be nosey than enjoy lying on a beach. By two in the afternoon we were sat on my dune with my wife laid on her towel at my feet and me sketching her ample body, when the family appeared, they took up their usual places having nodded a greeting as they passed my vantage point. They again laid out the towels and I whispered to my wife to keep her eyes on the lady.Just as I suspected they had visited the pub and Eve straddled Trevor just as she had the day before, Joe was soon kissing and licking his sons wet body. I could feel the sexual heat radiating from my wife as she watched from behind her sun glasses her jaw slowly dropping open as the scenario unfolded in front of her. By now Joe was drinking at the lager fountain just as he had the day before.Patty my wife, lying at my feet still watched the whole scene in a sort of stupor, not being able to believe her own eyes. Trevor began to worm his hand into his mother`s skirt, clearly working on her sex, to her obvious joy, her breathing increasing to a rapid pace, Joe having by this time settled to watch on his towel, his hand working on his manhood through his trunks. I noticed my wife gently rubbing her own sex through her swimsuit hoping not to be noticed.Eve having achieved her orgasm now lay back on her towel, as with a groan Joe`s own climax spread a damp patch across his trunk
s. Patty I knew was well approaching her own climax when Trevor came over to us, shocking the wife when he boldly suggested he could help her with her climax! Her jaw dropped open and she turned to me as if for guidance, but to her disgust I simply shrugged my shoulders, leaving the decision to her.Trevor however had already flopped himself down beside her his hand magnetically attracted to my wife`s damp crutch, where his fingers were already playing sweet music on her moist clit through the thin material. After a half-hearted attempt to defend her womanhood with a groan patty collapsed back giving herself to the wave of feelings washing over her as her climax broke over her like a tidal wave.Trevor now introduced himself, Joe and Eve, before suggesting we joined them at their end of the sand-dip, which we did. Trevor ignored me completely, and spent the next half hour explaining to Patty that mersin escort bayan he rated my sketches and had asked me to do some of Eve, in various poses.His line in chat was slippery to say the least, how would Patty like to do some posing, did she fancy an evening at their home, that sort of thing, I was amazed when my lady decided that we could visit that very evening if that was alright with them! Naturally that fitted in with them well.Joe went off and fetched what had become a habit, ice creams all round, after which Patty and Trevor went for a swim together, while Joe and I discussed the weather, the state of the nation and put the world generally to rights while Eve looked on in silence, gently stroking herself under the sun- dress.The swimmers returned by and by, Patties eyes sparkling in a way that told us all, that they had been doing more than standard breast stroke. I no longer get myself into a jealous state about things like that, eighteen years of Patty and her games had taught me the silliness of jealousy, Time by now had run out the family vanishing towards the pub and we along the beach via the cafe back to our van.After the inevitable meal, the k**s were soon in bed tired out, giving my son a lecture about responsibility, and it being a big thing to be trusted to be responsible for his own conduct and that of his sister, I bribed him into sister sitting, cheap at half the price belive me. we left them to it, ensuring they had the mobile numbers just in case of a problem.We went to the bungalow, where Joe met us at the gate. He led us to the front room where Trevor was waiting. It was obvious from the start that I was just here as the humble artist, Patty was to be Trevor`s “target, for tonight” and I could see she was not going to be as difficult to get started as she usually was.We were shown into a bedroom, nothing out of the ordinary, oak furniture that had once been elegant about 1930, thick curtains, magnolia walls, candlewick bedspread and a naked Eve in the spread position her arms and legs tied in the classic bondage pose to the corners of bed. Patty did a double take; Trevor simply commanded me to get started on a sketch then marched my wife away arm in arm before she could make a comment.I completed that sketch perhaps a second before they reappeared, Trevor, asking if I had had Eve or did I want more time, but to his surprise I had been happy to sketch the lovely lady in her secure if uncomfortable position and though it was an erotic pose I had been too busy sketching and not a little worried about overplaying my welcome. I explained that and with a smile he said he had another subject for me and led me to the second bedroom, where a naked Patty knelt, her hands behind her back, in handcuffs her wrists attached to a short chain, a naked Joe stroking her hair like a pet dog as she greedily sucked on his erect cock. I was mesmerised by the scene, brought back to reality by Trevor suggesting I got my pencil in gear, as Joe would not last forever in the circumstances!I couldn`t help but be amazed that this young man could have persuaded my wife to become his slave in such a short time-span, she was sucking on Joe in a way it had taken eighteen years for me to get her to do and he had had her do it in just under two hours.He then left me to my sketch; I thought he`d gone to release Eve from her bonds, but perhaps by now I should have known better as all he did was to check she was alive. Trevor returned on his own, just as Joe filled Patties mouth with his seed which she was about to spit, when Trevor barked out a command for her to swallow, knowing her as I do I was amazed when she did as she was told, not even slightly gagging. This day was becoming awesome.Trevor and Joe now carried Patty to the first bedroom dumping her on the bed beside Eve like a sack of spuds. Joe released Patties bonds and told her to begin making love to Eve, which she slowly did beginning with a deep kiss, she was a natural, Eve`s eyes told their own story, she was loving the situation. Patty moved on to kissing the bruised marks on Eves breasts, gently as only a woman can she sucked on the sore nipples of the secure body causing ripples of deep joy to course through Eve. The spin off being that us three men watched one of the most erotic lesbian shows ever, the naked Joe stiffening immediately though he was told, by Trevor to his deep disgust, to leave himself alone.Trevor now made a strap on dildoe appear; Patty was eagerly into the rig in seconds easing the giant member into Eve`s wet body to her obvious relief, Trevor and I quickly had our fly`s undone and thing`s in hand, Joe soon joined us without Trevor`s say so and as the tempo of the ladies increased so did our hands till we each sprayed seed onto the back of the now thrusting Patty, as she climaxed with a scream her final thrust sending Eve over the top as well.After a short rest Patty and I dressed before we set off for the van, Eve was still secure to the bed just as we had arrived abandoned like some used inflatable, Before we left Trevor arranged for us to return, suggesting I fetch a camera rather than a sketch pad, saying I could base my sketches from photographs. He also told patty he would let her see his dungeon next time to which I saw her shudder though she said not a word. Joe and Trevor saw us away, Joe still naked as the day he was born his skin pale in the summer moonlight. We drove home in silence, having each seen side of one another not seen in eighteen happy years, we were soon in bed and even then, in silence some subjects needing just the right moment to broach.The next morning, Patty and I had a few moments of peace to talk, though after eighteen years, some subjects are still a bit hard to start, we have always been quite open with one another. Patty began by asking if I had really had no contact with Eve, which I was able to say not on the last occasion, but that she had given me a BJ the evening before, I went on to describe both the Dungeon and the Punishment, and Eves reaction to the pain.Patty sat in silence taking in the details of what I had said, I then asked her about what had happened with Trevor in the sea that last afternoon and she slowly replied that he had “more arms than an octopus” that she had felt flattered that a lad of that age had been interested in her and that he had induced three orgasms in the short swim they had had together. That was why she had agreed to visit so readily! I asked what had happened when he had whisked her away and I noticed she was even more reluctant to recount her involvement. Slowly she said that he had been a perfect gentleman kissing her boldly as if she was his lover from the off, but within a very few minutes he had her blouse and bra off, then he had called Joe who held her arms while he fitted handcuffs and the chain. The skirt, her tights and knickers fell as if by magic to the floor, but she had been in such a state of excitement that she still couldn`t tell me who removed them.Joe had begun suckling her breasts and Trevor her clitoris, to the point that she passed out, not a word had been spoken, and she had come to find Joe holding her shoulders to the bed she had fallen on and Trevor thrusting away at her. After they had both achieved a huge orgasm he
had commanded her to give Joe a blow job which was where I had found her.We both agreed it had been a fantastic night, and Patty said she had achieved a lesbian orgasm something she had to my surprise always fantasized about, though she had never told me that. She went on to say she had always had fantasy`s about being a slave, and he had to an extent fulfilled that last night, but that she still wanted to see the inside of his dungeon, though she was more than a little scared of what he would do to her. She hadn`t told me that either.We then fell into bed together for what can only be described as an urgent fuck, me with the image of my wife in another man`s hands attached to one of his restraints, a powerful aphrodisiac you must agree.By dinnertime we were at the pub waiting for the arrival of the “family.” As before they trooped in Eve and Trevor to the window seat motioning us to join them and Joe to the bar. Patty thanked them for last evening, and Eve scribbled a note on a little pad saying she had really enjoyed it and would we please come again, tonight and would I bring my camera.We enthusiastically agreed, that it would be around seven o`clock. Eve having consumed 5 pints of lager suggested in a note that she was in need and they should go to the beach and off the three of them went, leaving Patty and I to finish our pint`s and go visit some of the local attractions together.

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