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22 Minutes LateYou said you’d meet me, but now you’re 15 minutes late and I’m beginning to think you’ve chickened out. That’s ok, but I’d rather you tell me that than stand me up. I understand the nerves. I’m nervous too. I’ve been thinking about meeting you for a long time. But with both of us married, I was convinced we would agree to meet at the same point in time. Sure, there have been times I was more than willing. And there have been times you almost begged me to meet you. But we were never in the same ‘place’ at the same time. That all changed last week when I told you I’d honk as I pass through town.I recall… “You’re going to be in town?” you asked via chat.”Yes, just a short two day trip.” I reply. “I’d like to do more than just honk this time. ;)”.After a long pause, you replied a simple “yes”.This had my head spinning. “Yes, what?” I thought to myself. “Really? Really want to meet?”, I tentatively ask.”Yes””Should we meet somewhere for a drink or something?” I ask.”That is up to you, sir.” You respond. We’ve been playing dominate and submissive roles lately, and your “sir”, put a spark into me. “Good girl. I will tell you when and where to meet me.”Breaking character, you respond “Really?””Yes really. We both need this. We’re ready. Now, don’t question me again”, I retort with a big grin smiley face. :DBut that was then. Perhaps you lost have now your nerve. Eighteen minutes late. I decide pour myself another glass of wine. Standing in my large hotel room, I look out the window onto the city’s lights. The view is great. I’m wearing an undershirt, blue oxford button down shirt, and a pair of black boxer briefs. My socks are off, shoes and slacks are in the closet. I thought this would be an interesting way to meet… as it would catch you slightly off guard. But if you don’t show, it’ll be for not.My mind drifts back to our last cam session. Watching you obey my commands and tease yourself to an orgasming mess was intense. I loved how your nipples responded to the slightest touch. I really liked how you almost gasped for breath when you finally put youself over the edge. Picturing these images in my mind’s eye, I feel my dick swell in my shorts. I was really looking forward to this time instead of watching, being an active participant. I thought to myself, “will she react the same way? Shy at first, or want to simply ravage me? I know one thing.. she’s going to pay for being 22 minutes late.”Then a knock at the door…I smile as I turn the bolt, and reach for the handle. Butterflies. I open the door and find you standing there, smiling broadly with a look of ‘sorry’ on your eyes. I invite you in and close the door behind you. You nervously start to explain the traffic issues, how you had to get güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gas, your friend called to talk, there’s some new strange noise coming from your car, etc… I stop you by placing my hands on your shoulders, and sympathetically say “Stop.” You do, and look in my eyes.”Hi!”, i say with a smile. I pull your shoulders and we step toward each other for a long over due hug. “Nice to meet you” I say. Instant chemistry between us. You squeeze a bit tighter and say Hi back. We pull away from each other. You look around the room and say “Nice place. Ooohh a jacuzzi tub. That could be fun.” you say with a wink. That flirt did not go unnoticed and I feel myself grow harder. I’m making a tent under my shirt. You notice too and look down and say boldly, “Is that for me?””No” I reply. “You were 20 minutes late. I think you need to pay for keeping me waiting.”You then open your coat and let it fall off your bare shoulders. Standing before me I see a slender body with shapes in all the right spots. You’re wearing long stockings, garter belt, black thong panties, and a sexy corset type top. If I wasn’t completely hard before, I certainly am now. You say “Is this a good way to start paying my debt?” Admiring the view, I turn my head and say, as if to someone else in the room, “This slut looks good, yes?””Hey, i’m not a slut!” you retort.”You’re going to be my little slut shortly.”, I say stepping to you and bring my lips to yours. Our lips meet and within seconds our tongues are feverishly exploring one anothers’ mouths. With my hands on your back, pulling you against me, you can feel my hard cock pressing against your stomach. You reach between us and feel my hardness. You rub the entire shaft. and I pull away. Referring to my cock, “Mmm baby… this treat is for good girls, and you were late, remember?”I sit down in a chair and turn towards the bed. I reach into my boxer briefs and feel my own hardness. I pull it out and lazily stroke it infront of you. “You want to touch it? Taste it? Feel it?””yes”, you manage to say, staring intently at my hard shaft and bulbous head.”Not yet. Get on the bed… and spread your legs.” I say.Hesitantly, you crawl onto the bed. Facing me, you place your hands on your the inside of knees and push your legs apart, slowly. I reward you for displaying your long legs leading up to your black panty covered pussy by stroking my long cock up and down. You can’t seem to take your eyes off of it. And because of that, i put it away. You look up at me and ask “May I see it again?””No. you haven’t apologized for being late.””I’m sorry”, you say. “What can I do to get back in your good graces?””I like the way you think… Hmmm… Why don’t you show me you? perabet Show me how you touch yourself. Show how you’d like me to touch you.” i say in lustful tones.You then start to tease me by touching your breasts through the fabric. Your already sensitive nipples harden as you playfully rub your perfect tits. Rubbing down your stomach you get between your legs and press against your covered pussy. I hear you quietly moan, look up and then say “Like that?” you say with a sheepish smile.”That’s a start”, I reply. You see my hand moving inside my boxers. You focus on rubbing your pussy. I can’t help but stare as i hear you whimper when you slip your fingers inside the elastic band of your panties and your fingers touch the bare flesh of your aching clit. This makes my cock throb. You hand is eagerly rubbing your pussy inside your panties. You say, “stop teasing me… lemme see it.” I stand and walk over to the edge of the bed. i reach down for your leg andn slowly drag my hand up your right leg… up and inside your inner thigh. You moan at my touch, hoping my hand will travel farther and replace yours. However, instead i reach for your garter and unclip it from your right stocking. Then I move over to your left and do the same. “Pull your panties down. I want to see you pet your kitty.” I say.You slowly pull down your panties to reveal perfection. You pubic hair is neatly trimmed, and you’ve freshly shaved around your pussy. I can see your lips slightly parted and some very wet pinkness. I bite my lower lip thinking about how badly I want to lick your kitty… and how badly I want to slowly and teasingly push every inch of my hardness inside of you. But I refrain from just ravaging you and step back.”Show me… Show me how you like to touch yourself” you reach between your legs and slowly rub your pussy lips, dipping your finger inside to drag some of your wetness out. While nervous that I’m watching you do something so private, you body can’t stop. You simply can’t refrain from touching your pussy. You’re too fucking horny. Then as if it was a race, you start to quickly rub your clit. You throw your head back as you alternate between driving two of your fingers inside of you, and then pulling them back up to frantically rub your clit. I know you can’t take more of this and when you look up and see me matching your intensity by stroking my cock, you start to shudder. “Stop”, I say bluntly. Your hand immediately moves away from your pussy. I step towards the bed, and step out of my boxers in the process. My cock waves infr
ont of your face. Slap your cheek with my cock, and command, “open your mouth…. but first, but this blindfold on”You comply. Sitting there, with your sense of sight gone, quiet perabet giriş sounds of the room intensify, then without any warning, you feel the head of my cock touch your awaiting lips. You try to grab it with your mouth, but I pull it away. I reach between your legs, and lightly slap your pussy, focusing on your clit area. You involuntarily moan as each slap sends shockwaves through you. “Yes, I’m sorry I was late. Please let me taste you.”As you blindly turn your head positioning your mouth randomly in hope to find my throbbing tool. Your focus abruptly changes as soon as I press two of my fingers inside of your soaking pussy. You open your mouth wide as gasp as the sensation of your pussy being filled overcome you. I seize the opportunity and place my cock in your mouth. You immediately start to suck on the shaft, noting the ridges of the mushroom head, the pulsating of the shaft, and with your enhanced sense of hearing, you hear my gasp over your hungry slurps.I pump my fingers in and out of your pussy, as I watch your mouth fuck my cock. “Good little slut”, I say. You only whimper in response. Pressing my fingers deep inside of you, and cupping the outside of your pussy, you grind your swollen clit against my palm. “mmmm… your pussy is so wettt… and your mouth feels so good”, as my free hand holds the back of your head. My hips begin to slightly thrust as I hold your head still. I look down and see my cock moving in and out of your mouth, gliding against your slick tongue. I see and feel your pussy enjoying my hand, and I see your free hand playing with one of your nipples.I start to press against your G-Spot, and you whimper loudly. I can feel that I can’t last much longer. Our breathing quickens, as we both reach the point of no return. Then… “Ahhh… good…. ahhh… Hmmmph….. giiiirrrrrlll…ahhhhh…….” as you feel me stopping moving and just hold my cock still inside your mouth. You suck hard and feel my cock expand, then shudder as a thick, salty jet of white hot cum splashes against your tongue. Shoving my cock down your throat, you gag as my cum shoots down your esophagus.”Ahhhh… ” I say then grunt loudly as another spurt involuntarily shoots out of the tip of my dick.As I start to cum, my whole body tensed, including my hand. I almost pulled you off the bed by your pussy… pressing hard against your walls and g-spot. The taste of my cum, and the need to have release of your own is too much and your whole body shudders uncontrollably. I can feel your pussy spasm against my fingers as you cum so hard. Panting.Trying to catch our breathe.I pull my quivering cock out of your mouth and the mask off your eyes. You look up at me.. “Wow… I need to be late more often.”We both collapse to the bed and share a tender kiss. You lazily stroke my semi-hard cock and say between kisses “I’m so glad we finally met.””So, am I.””But I’m not done with you yet. I want you inside of me. And didn’t you want to taste me, or something like that”, you say coyly. 😉

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