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206 A young Soldier returns206 A young Soldier returns Day 2Sam had left as usual, and hearing the old bike start and the throaty sound retreat up the road, he tumbled from his bed. As he expected she was sat at the table, tea cup in hand, a fresh brewed pot on its stand, she was dressed as she had been the day before, in the green silk. He kissed her, but she waved him into his usual seat, pouring his tea, smiling and saying” don’t you young lads ever tire?” he grinned back and said that “if you had a most attractive person who wanted to be had by you would you tire?” to which her retort was “I have and I am tired, drink your tea and let`s talk a while” He threw a few flakes into a bowl and added milk, not really understanding and having hoped to resume where he had left off. She smiled then said; “have you ever thought about fatherhood?” his chewing stopped, god he had forgotten about contraception, his heart missed a beat, “oh mother, I never thought…” she smiled, then said that it was “all right this time as she was past that age, but he was never to take a woman for granted, yes most had some form of pill now, but he didn’t need to tempt fate, and to always ask.” He continued to eat, relaxing as he chewed, then he asked about his aunt wouldn’t she being younger still be able to conceive, and would it not make her jealous if he was to sleep with her younger sister? Her reply was that “Elly had never had so much as a period and that she was as sterile as the milk, sadly she had always wanted k**s but it had never happened, and as to jealous, not a bit of it I have a husband, and am happy to share a lover with my single sister, it won`t be as tiring”and she gave him a wink and a broad smile.Then she added that she had “had to put-out for Sam last night too, as he was secretly turned on that we had done the business!” that made him splutter on his tea, and say that it “was no wonder she was tired!”She suggested “perhaps a more restful day today, perhaps you can remember some of those fantasies you have had, don’t be embarrassed, tell me your deepest dirtiest thoughts, about me, and my sister too and perhaps, well we shall see!” He replied that “some fantasies needed staying fantasies, sort of be careful what you wish for, but if I do tell you, in return you must share some of your own!”She said that “she would” as she “supposed it was only fair,” adding “but you must not look at me while I tell you or I will be too embarrassed” to which he suggested that she “did something to keep her hands occupied!”“Look, today I`m a bit tired and sore, I had more yesterday than I`ve had in a few months or more, and I`m going to dress properly and do some chores ironing and the like, perhaps we can rest and chat, at least this morning.”He looked a bit down but said that was ok, but could he dress her please it was one of his fantasies, laughing she nodded, then together they went up to her room. The silk gown soon d****d itself on the bed end, and in the thin night-dress, she went to her chest of drawers no doubt to find suitable clothing, however she hesitated, and beckoning him to her saying, “I suspect you know where everything is, you were active enough in my clothing drawers when you were younger, you find what you want me to wear then”Blushing he stepped forward, embarrassed that she had known, “did you ever wear any of my things?” she asked.Red as a turkey cock he said that “he had only examined these things in the drawers, but he confessed that he had tried on her panties from the laundry basket, a time or two and had spilt his seed in them occasionally!” she kissed him said she had known and that she had wanted to see if he would tell her everything. She pointed at the chest and said he was to choose, and that for this week he alone could choose whatever she was to wear each day, and that for him she would choose, however uncomfortable that may be. They laughed together embarrassment dispelled. He chose stockings, a girdle, bra and panties all in pristine white, each item he found unassisted and then helped her into with soft caressing movements of gentle hands that were caring, if unused to the job or the items. He then brushed her hair and kissed her once more. Collecting a work dress in case she had to answer the door for some reason and stood iskenderun escort back to admire his handy-work.To his horror she now presented him with a black basque, and told him that was all he was to wear along with a pair of her stockings and panties. He spluttered a little, and he said that he had “grown out of that sort of game a while ago,” then laughing at the trap she had led him into he allowed her to dress him, she stuffed the bra with woollen stockings and then laughed at his image in the mirror. It was not a sight he relished but she insisted he wear the things as a penance “just this once” and they were soon back in the living room the ironing board up and as she began her task, he sat with his smoothly clad stockinged feet up and 6 ½” of tent in the thin and soft panties.“Right then,” she said “let`s hear about what you always wanted to do with me and to me, and no blushes or whatever, just the truth,”“Well, where do you start, you know about my adventures in the laundry basket, and your drawers already and of course you know about watching you while we were camping, that was awesome!” she glanced up, “awesome?” she asked, “why what did I do which was ‘awesome.’” He grinned as the iron battered the clothes flat in a very positive way and began; “Well for some months at that time, I had been trying to see your body, I knew women where different, Tommy had a book that showed diagrams, but it`s not the same and I wanted to see one in the flesh so to speak, you ladies keep things well hidden and of course there was only you aunt Elly and Mrs Hide that I ever had real time with and as Mrs Hide was a tyrant , and aunt Elly was not nearby , it had to be you, really, and as I had a thing about you anyway well…” he was grinning…“I suspect all lads have a thing about their mothers, they just don’t say anything and until now, I never have either. Anyway; I was not missing a trick trying to see you naked, even odd bits of you naked would have done and while camping it`s harder to keep things hidden in one of those little vans. Oh, I pretended to sleep while you changed a couple of times, and came back while you were washing yourself, but it only got me a glimpse of a hastily covered nipple which made things worse in some ways. You were just too good for me. Then came the day when we were out walking and dad was far behind, or at least he may have been in front, but whichever he was not with us and you needed to pee, you told me to keep a lookout and slipping down your panties, which were pink by the way, you squatted behind a wall by a gate. I watched and you peed, and wow I caught sight of the finest fanny I had ever seen, well the only real fanny I had ever seen if the truth was known. And as it was pissing like a river so you couldn’t move or cover up, so it was awesome, yes and blushing you stood and pulled up your knickers giving me another glimpse of heaven. To be honest though you didn’t seem bothered that I had seen you, because I didn’t get a talking too and it spurred me on in truth, though from then on, I now have a thing about lady-pee and curiously I got more odd glimpses a lot easier!” The iron was now sliding fast and hard along the shirt she was working on, and she was concentrating hard on avoiding buttons so as not to need to look up at him. She muttered that, “Perhaps I had realised about then, that you had a serious thing about seeing me and that it had turned me on to think you was getting keen, and ok, I admit perhaps I did let you cop an odd glimp`s or two after that as it was fun teasing you, and I even talked to my sister about it so I expect she did the same if I know her…” and she grinned broadly, if with a blush!.He nodded, “yes she did wave the odd cheeky bit in front of me occ
asionally, but it was just glimpses and usually clothed, but it had me away for a private hand job more than once, I can tell you!” The iron had picked up speed once more, as she asked if he had seen her aunt pissing or flashing him? To which he said, “only the once, in the harvest field, but she knew I was there and I didn’t get to really see her body she was too quick!” They both laughed, and the iron paused for a second, as she said that; “now she would think about him whenever she went for a pee!” He changed the subject escort iskenderun a little saying “had she noticed he had also felt her chest when they had swum together, and he had always wanted to swim naked with her,” to which she smiled, and said that “without a private pool that was a non -starter but she would have had no objections to that as she had always fancied skinny dipping” another shirt crashed onto the board, and without making eye contact she asked him if” he had any other ‘special’ things he had always dreamed of wanting to do to her in his fantasies,” but he countered that by saying “it was about time if they were swapping fantasies that she told him one of hers first.” She stood steam rising from the iron as she regarded him carefully, then quietly said that “he needed to understand her past before she told him her real recurring fantasy or he too would think her a real whore!” she went on to say that there “were things that had happened in her past that meant she had missed out in her late teen years” and it had “changed her outlook till Sam came along!” there was a pause then she asked quietly “could she keep that to herself please for just a while longer,?” her eyes pleaded so he shrugged and said that “if it was that important to her, he could wait, no doubt he would find out one day if she ever wanted to share her secrets”She thanked him but said that she had a “thing about pee as well as he did nowadays, and also about being spanked too, though Sam wouldn’t hear of either, him being such a gentle man it was not in his nature to use force, or be even a bit kinky, though he seemed not be averse to her indulging herself but only with Ellie or you.” That news brightened his day, so he asked if “she liked the thought of being forced to have sex, being grabbed, bondage, light pain, that sort of stuff” and to his joy she silently nodded, saying “that was in her fantasy, though some of it to her was a real nightmare from her past” and that, she needed desperately to overcome it and as she had said she was not ready yet to share it with him yet it was too traumatic!Suddenly like a lightbulb going on he realised what she had said about Sam allowing her to share herself with Ellie, slowly he asked about Ellie, “You said Sam knew about you and me but you mentioned Ellie too, does that mean what I think it does, with you and your pretty sister?” the iron crashed into its cradle, she stood silently for long seconds surveying him, her face red.After what could be termed a pregnant pause, she came from behind the ironing board, switching the iron off as she came and sitting herself down facing him in the second armchair. “Look” she said, “you must never breath a word of this even to Ellie as its always been our secret” he nodded and promised, and she began to tell him of the closeness in their youths of her and her younger sister, when they went through the stages of sexual awareness just as he had; watching and exploring, though in their case like most siblings it had been the two of them, comparing notes, and so on. and yes, scared of pregnancy they had explored one another`s bodies, enjoying what they knew could do no harm. They were farm girls so knew the basics about sex between a****ls and had been warned by mother about boys and pregnancy. There had been village boys she said, but in those days, the taboo of full sex was strong and other than allowing a little fumble here and there, they both had avoided the advances of the boys. Time came when she being the elder had to go to work, she was ‘found a place’ and she had to live in as a maid at the manor house. “Well there was after a while this… well let`s say trauma…” and she had left abruptly returning home and in a terrible state though she couldn’t tell even her mother why it had been so harrowing. Ellie had been her saviour, coaxing her back from the brink of a mental breakdown and getting her a job, working with her in the little local shop. Slowly she had come to trust some folk again, though not young men and she only had any sexual contact with Ellie, she was definitely off men for a good ten years, by which time Ellie had been courted by his uncle Tim and had married him, Tim being the son of a local independent farmer, he later inherited the small iskenderun escort bayan farm, which he sold and started again with a new farm in a place near Canterbury. Luckily Ellie had shared her secret with him, he knew of the trauma her sister had had had had and was turned on by Ellie and her being, well… closer than most sisters, he kept the secret till his death last year, and after a while Ellie had coaxed her to still share her bed, latterly with Tim present, and the finally step of allowing sleeping with them both, Tim who was a gentle lover and very patient helping her with her problem, and introducing her to his friend Sam, who soon fell in love with her, finally marrying her.The four of them where the only ones who ever knew her secret, and though Sam had never involved himself with Ellie or Tim sexually, he ‘Turned a blind eye’ to her sharing herself with them, in fact it turned him on a lot, you now in his eyes taking Tim`s place. Before you ask by the way, Tim being sterile, so we were always sure you were Sam`s boy, so don’t go off thinking otherwise. There was a long silence, it was a lot to take in. he rose and kissed her, it meant a lot.“Do you know, I`ve never thought of your, having a c***dhood, or sexual learning, or problems or whatever or, of you being well anything but, well, my mum, my-dad`s wife… I`m sorry, I have never thought of anyone but me and my sexual gratification have I, and that’s terrible.” Her reply was that “everyone does that, and it was perfectly normal,” was small comfort. He stood said he needed to go swim, did she want to join him, but she said she had some chores, so he was soon out, time to think, plod a few lengths, stretch a muscle or two, see if there was anyone he knew. Today not for him the beach, but the tatty old indoor pool where he had learnt to swim, done his lifeguard training, spent his boyhood Saturdays, not for him the Saturday morning pictures.The old place was slowly falling to bits, the owner, an old man now, and not enough income to do the repairs, it was a downhill spiral. He greeted the old chap, an old friend, sat now behind the counter in what once had been a ballroom, now used to store small boats, the pool, old but clean, behind glass screens to one side, a couple of mothers and tiny tots learning in the shallow end. He and the owner chatted, then money changed hands, the changing rooms striking cold, memories of school lessons. Hours of solitary training. He changed, then showered before throwing himself in at the deep end. The once huge pool seeming smaller today.A couple of hours pass, perhaps only 3 or 4 swimmers came and went, the elderly owner reappeared and with him sat on the poolside they chatted once more. Again, after he had dressed, money changed hands, they parted and he walked home, uphill all the way, but today it felt nothing, he collected her some flowers, tomorrow was his dads evening out, as the secretary of a small savings club.She greeted him with thanks for the flowers, he told her he had something arranged for them for the next evening, asked if her chores were done, which they were, then just took her in his arms in a way that begged no argument, kissed her passionately and slid his hand under her dress, she was putty in his hands, they were on the carpet in seconds, the knickers were soon pulled to one side, and he
was deep in her body in less time than It can be typed, it was urgent, hard, without any trace of gentleness, no quarter given or taken, it was necessary. She knew she couldn’t stop him, or for that matter, herself, she needed him as much as he needed her, it was brutal, passionate and it was soon that moment we all crave, an orgasmic high, his seed filling her as only a young man at his peak can. It was soon over, they lay gasping, until suddenly they became aware of the time they rose and straightened themselves just as the old bike roared up to the front door. Sam arrived, neither had had time to wash or spray any room spray and the smell of sex hung heavy in the air, both looked a little sheepish, wondering what his reaction may be!Sam as he hung up his outer clothes and helmet summed up the situation. He smiled, realising in an instant, just how awkward things felt, so he took his wife by the hand and after a second he led her to the stairs in a way that spoke of him exerting his alpha male-ness, saying over his shoulder “tea on the table in half an hour soldier boy, you finish it for us all!”The lad had a broad smile on his face, as he went to put on the vegetables, it was a small price to pay.

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