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“Hey babe, where’s my keys!” Michael said frantically pacing through the house.

Michael grabbed a handful of his long brown hair and pulled at it in aggravation. His suit jacket hung neatly from a hanger on the hall tree, but the keys weren’t there.

“Did you check the bowl on the red table?” Hailey said calmly.

Hailey stepped out of the bedroom wearing a red bodycon dress that highlighted her large DD breasts and her thin waist, ample hips and juicy ass. She looked like the typical blonde trophy wife. At least that’s what Michael’s friends teased. In reality, Hailey made far more money and had far more influence in the city than her husband.

Michael was closer to being the trophy husband than the other way around. He had long brown hair that he wore in a pony tail, striking green eyes and just a little bit of scruff on his face. He stood right around 6’3″ and weighed close to 200lbs. Michael worked out regularly and would often get manicures and pedicures. Hailey thought it was maybe a little weird at first but she noticed a lot of guys doing that sort of thing.

Michael watched Hailey’s short blonde hair cascade through her hands as she ran her fingers through it. They were in a hurry but he could stop for a moment to drink her in.

“Is that really the dress you’re wearing tonight?” Michael said meekly.

Hailey pulled the top of the dress up over her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so he could clearly make out her nipples through the thin material of the dress. The tube dress was practically see through when it stretched over her tits.

“Look, I paid a lot of money for these, I might as well show them off every now and then!” Hailey said motioning to her breasts.

“Besides, you like it when guys hit on me anyway!” She added.

“Okay, let’s go!” Michael said throwing his jacket over his shoulders and shrugging it on.

Michael opened the passenger door for his wife and helped her in the BMW he had just bought with his bonus from work. Michael was a fancy computer programmer and worked with all the top tech companies. They lived a lavish lifestyle because they both made a lot of money and had no kids.

He slapped her ass as she turned to sit down. Her large nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Michael’s cock twitched from the view. He suspected she would make a lot of cocks jump that night.

Hailey had made reservations at the hottest restaurant in town. They would be dining on the roof of the tallest building in the city far above the noise of the city. She had to call in a couple favors but that was easy for her. That was Hailey’s job as a freelance concierge. People wanted something, they would call Hailey and she’d get it for them. She could talk a fly fisherman out of his waders if someone else wanted them.

Michael pulled into the valet parking of the restaurant and tossed his keys to the guy at the counter, and escorted his wife in the building. He could see she had caught the attention of everyone on the street near enough to see.

Michael’s hand rests on the small of his wife’s back and he could feel the thin waist band of her g-string panties. He looked back and could see the lines through her dress. Hailey would cause quite the stir in the little restaurant for sure.

He pushed the button for the elevator and waited for it to retrieve them. It was one of the newest buildings in town, and there were a whole row of elevators. He had no idea why he should have to wait that long for a lift. Short moments later, the doors pinged open and they stepped inside.

Just as the doors began closing, a deeply tanned hand jutted through the crack and stopped the doors from closing. They would be sharing a ride to the top. The handsome stranger smiled right at Michael and the scent of aftershave followed him in.

They stood in silence as the elevator doors closed in front of them. There were mirrors on every wall, so it was hard for Hailey to not notice the fine looking guy and the fact that he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking to his left, catching alternate reflections and was looking Michael up and down.

It wasn’t often that men looked at Michael in that way but it happened occasionally. Hailey even thought Michael was gay when they first met through a friend of hers. Getting his nails done didn’t help her initial judgement of him but she quickly found him to be irresistible, funny, and in general a really kind hearted guy. It didn’t matter to her that he was maybe a little more effeminate the other guys she dated.

The counter on the elevator called out the floor with soft chirping sounds. 5… 6… 7… 8…

When the elevator hit the tenth floor, the whole car lurched sideways and ground to a violent halt. Michael was tossed straight up and fell onto the floor right where he stood, Hailey was thrown off her heels and piled up on top of Michael. The new guy grasped the handrail and barely managed to stay upright. The running lights of the elevator went dark and a soft red emergency güvenilir bahis light illuminated the elevator.

“Is everyone okay” the handsome tanned man asked.

Michael and Hailey sat up and checked themselves for damage. Hailey looked Michael over while he did the same for her. They seemed to be in good health, just rattled mentally.

“Yes, we’re okay. How are you doing over there?” Hailey asked

“I’m good here, that looked like it hurt when you fell.” The stranger said.

“I’m Hailey, and this is my husband Michael.” Hailey said.

“I wish I could say it was a pleasure to meet you but in this situation maybe not. My name is Paul.” He said.

Michael sat upright and leaned against the glass. Paul popped open the emergency panel and pulled the phone free. There were no numbers on the keypad. The phone was designed to call emergency services when someone picked it up. Paul clicked the receiver button several times while holding the handset to his ear.

“Damn it!” Paul mumbled, “The line is dead!” He added.

“What do you mean dead!” Michael asked.

“No tone, no call, no nothing… dead.” He replied.

Michael stood up and forced his fingers into the crack between the doors and pressed his mouth into the opening.

“Help! Help!! Help!!” Michael yelled into the unknown.

It was only ten floors to the ground but another 20 floors to the rooftop restaurant. He wouldn’t consider himself claustrophobic but he didn’t like enclosed spaces either. Add in a little danger and the negative feelings amplified.

“Help! HELP!! HEEEEEEELLLLLLP!!” Michael yelled frantically.

“Michael, calm down… everything is going to be okay!” Paul said placing his hand on Michael’s shoulder.

Michael stepped back from the doors and leaned against the mirror facing the exit. Paul watched as his breathing went from near panic to a calmer breathing rate.

“I’m sure there’s an internal alarm when one of these stop running. Someone will be checking soon enough.” Paul said trying to calm the situation.

Michael drummed his fingers on the handrail. His nervous ticking was starting to make Hailey nervous.

“Where you from Paul?” She asked to break the silence and maybe ease the tensions.

“Oh, I live here during the summer, then I move north for the winters.” Paul said.

Hailey raised an eyebrow in response to his answer.

“I know, I know… that’s backward, but I like to ski. I have a home here, and one in Montana, ski in, ski out.” He said proudly.

“How about you?” He added.

“Oh, we both live here in the city, we’ve been here for about ten years now.” Hailey said.

She was holding Michael’s hand, thumbing the top of his hand hoping to keep him calm. They continued chatting about life, how they met, what each other did for a living. Paul was in real estate and set his own schedule. Paul continued looking at her husband. She was keenly aware he wasn’t looking at her. Men who didn’t look at her were either gay, or priests but even some of them looked too.

While talking Hailey watched through her own alternate angles as the Paul pushed his hand down into his pocket. It appeared as though he was rubbing himself through his pocket. Michael was painfully oblivious to what was going on.

Hailey quickly thought about this stranger and her husband naked together. She could feel her pussy warm to the idea and she squeezed her thick thighs together.

“What about a wife?” Hailey asked to get a better gauge on the man.

“No, I’m currently in between partners at the moment.” Paul said.

Hailey could see his fingernails had been filled to a uniform shape and length. They were long for a man but it wasn’t completely unheard of as Michael had his done regularly as well. Hiss hand was slow stroking something through his pocket. He either had a worry rock or he was rubbing something else.

Another vision of her husband and Paul flashed through her mind. She always had a thing for gay porn. It was her kryptonite. Just like men loved lesbian porn, to Hailey… nothing was hotter than two guys giving it to each other in the throes of carnal passion.

“We should play a game!” Hailey offered.

“Twenty questions… I’ll go first!” Michael said.

“Is it imaginary?” Paul asked.

“No.” Michael said.

“Is it a living being?” Hailey asked.

“Yes.” Michael said.

“Is it something you might have as a pet?” Paul asked.

“Hmm… I guess if you were really kinky, you could maybe have one as a pet. But no generally not.” Michael said smiling at the thought.

“Okay… is it a human?” Hailey asked.

“Yes, but that’s not the final question.” Michael said.

“Is it the maintenance man?” Paul asked.

“That would be nice too, but no… not the maintenance man.” Michael replied.

“Is it a fireman?” Hailey asked.

“Ding ding! That’s it!” Michael said smiling.

“Is he hot?” Paul asked still rubbing himself through his pocket.

“No, türkçe bahis it was just a fireman. That was what I was thinking of.” Michael said still smiling.

“Right, but that was only six questions, we have fourteen more!” Paul said.

“Yeah, was he hot?” Hailey asked too.

Michael’s face contorted slightly as he pondered if his imaginary fireman was hot or not. He imagined a calendar model foreman prying the doors open with his shirt ripped open and his muscles dripping in sweat that glistened in the light of a fire somewhere nearby. His pants hung low and were barely held up by red suspenders. Michael could appreciate a good looking man as much as anyone else.

“Yeah… I suppose so.” Michael answered.

“Is he buff?” Hailey asked, continuing the questions.

“Yes…” Michael answered with his eyebrows pulled downward questioningly.

“Mmm… I like sexy firemen!” Paul said.

Hailey knew it. Paul was jacking off through his pocket. He was looking at Michael and must have had a gay crush on him.

“Do you think he has a big dick?” Paul asked stroking his cock hard through his pocket.

“I don’t know… why would that matter?” Michael asked.

“It’s just a question babe. Not a big deal. Do you think he has a big dick?” Hailey said intrigued.

She wondered if her husband ever thought about other men. He told her he was straight but she wondered if that was only because he never had the opportunity to try gay sex. He could at least be bisexual and then she could live out her fantasy of watching two men fuck. It would explain a lot of inklings she had about his sexuality whether he questioned them or not.

“Um… I guess it’s maybe just a bit bigger than average.” Michael said sheepishly.

“Nice!” Paul says still rubbing himself.

“Do you want to touch it?” Hailey asked squeezing her thighs together enjoying the tightness grin through her panties.

Hailey could see Michael’s dick rise from the question. Their game was making him horny. Him thinking about a hot fireman with big muscles and a better than average cock was turning her husband on.

“NO!” Michael said in protest.

“Are you sure? It’s an imaginary fireman in your head. It’s okay if you want to touch it… it’s not real babe!” Hailey said.

“I’m not gay!” Michael said.

“You’re not gay if you just think about it, and you’re not even gay if you do touch another man’s penis! It’s just a penis babe!” Hailey said rubbing Michael’s cock through his pants.

“Sure, I guess I could touch it.” Michael relented.

“Would you like to touch this one?” Paul said pulling the material tightly over his stiff cock.

Michael could clearly make out the outline of his penis. His too was just over average. It was maybe 7″ with a clearly defined head and a slight upward angle. He couldn’t stop looking at it. He had seen men in the shower at the gym before but he had known the unspoken rules not to look at another man’s junk. Still his eyes wouldn’t budge.

Paul pulled his cock out the top of his pants. It was darker than Michael had imagined. Paul was rubbing it up and down slowly as Michael watched.

“Do you want to touch that penis?” Hailey asked rubbing Michael’s cock harder.

Michael wanted to touch Paul’s cock but what would his wife think of him? He loved her more than anything but there under the surface lay a man that really was curious about other experiences.

“It’s okay Michael, you can touch it if you want… I think it would be so hot to see you touch another man’s dick!” Hailey said.

Hailey pulled Michael’s dick free from inside his pants and openly tugged on it. He had grown to his full 9″ and was leaking precum as she rubbed him.

Michael reached his hand out toward Paul’s cock while Paul slid sideways to accommodate him. The moment Michael’s hand made contact with Paul’s dick, Hailey engulfed Michael’s cock into her mouth and sucked hard on his dick head. Michael moaned out and bucked his hips toward into her mouth. He groped Paul’s cock and tugged it toward him.

“Do you want to kiss this penis… like your wife just kissed yours?” Paul said lustily.

Michael looked back at Hailey who was licking the underside of his cock head. She nodded yes.

“Go ahead babe, kiss his penis for me!” She said popping Michael’s dick head in and out of her mouth.

Michael didn’t know what to do. He looked back and forth between his beautiful wife who wanted to see him suck on Paul’s dick and Paul’s actual dick. Every time, she would coax him to it. She motioned for Paul to slide down toward her and take over.

Paul left his cock right near Michael’s head and slid down toward Michael’s large slimy member. Hailey sat opposite Paul’s cock and gently stroked it in Michael’s direction.

“It’s okay babe, I’m right here to help!” Hailey said. Her wetness started leaking out her panties.

Hailey grabbed the base of Michael’s head and gently pulled toward Paul’s cock. His mouth was a quarter güvenilir bahis siteleri inch from Paul’s throbbing shaft.

“Do you want to just start with a lick for right now!” Hailey said.

Michael’s dick was hard as a rock without being touched in any way. Paul was waiting for Michael to suck on his cock before he did anything else.

Hailey pulled Michael’s head down onto the man’s dick and Michael opened his mouth placing the head just beyond his teeth. Paul placed his mouth on Michael’s prick and started sucking with an expertise that rivaled his wife’s skills. Without thinking Michael opened his mouth and tried to take as much of the cock as he could.

Hailey watched her husband suck on his first cock. Paul was slurping noisily on Michael’s dick, and Michael was lost in the moment of newness. All Hailey could do was lean back and watch the show. She started rubbing her pussy through her panties and then stabbing her fingers inside her wet hole.

Michael could hear Paul working his cock over with his expert mouth. Had he not jacked off before they left for dinner, he would have already lost it but he was enjoying the new sensations. Paul had un-bucked Michael’s pants and pulled them down to his knees. He was rubbing Michael’s thighs and reaching around to fondle his butt cheeks.

Michael could feel the strange man exploring his lower body. The sensations were overwhelming his ability to stop what was happening and before he knew it, Paul had a finger all the way inside his asshole. A sensation unlike any he had ever experienced followed when Paul started pressing his finger toward Michael’s belly button.

Michael felt like he was cumming, but not all at the same time. He felt such pleasure that he buried Paul’s cock as deep into his throat as he could to muffle his own carnal moans. Michael spread his legs offering Paul better access to his insides.

Paul sat up and pulled Michael off his cock. Michael kicked his pants off and was stunned the stimulation had stopped. Paul sat up and leaned against the wall. He urged Michael up and over his dick.

It was as though Michael had been possessed when he followed the wordless prompts to squat over Paul’s saliva covered cock. Paul pushed Michael down onto his dick and Michael slowly accepted the penis into his ass.

Michael felt the hot head pressing at his hole and intense pressure. Hot pressure built up into intense desire to have the pecker in his ass. Michael dropped his ass down onto Paul in one quick motion and let out a painful scream. He could feel the dick all the way inside him. He was so full he couldn’t imagine anything else. He moved to get off the cock and pain burst out through his anus.

There was something else there too. Right behind the pain was that familiar feeling when Paul had his finger buried in him. Michael sat back down and rested a moment. He slid off the shaft and more of the pleasure was there that time. Michael slowly started riding Paul’s cock.

Haley watched in amazement as her sexy husband took his first cock right in front of her. She watched Michael’s dick bounce and ooze as he rode the cock buried in his ass. Hailey sat up on all fours and took Michael’s cock in her mouth. He was leaking a constant flow of salty precum.

Paul pushed Michael up off his lap and halted his bouncing. He then took over the fucking and pounded Michael’s ass from below. Hailey stopped moving her head up and down Michael’s shaft as she benefited from the fucking motion too. Michael’s cock was being forced into his wife’s mouth, all she had to do was suck as Paul effectively fucked her face with Michael’s cock.

Michael could feel the pressure building in his balls. He was unable to warn his wife of the impending explosion. He felt Paul gripping at his hips a moment before he felt the man’s dick start pulsating inside his bowels. Michael lost all bodily control as he shot the first blast of cum onto his wife’s face. The blast caught her by surprise and the eroticism of the event pushed her over the edge and she sprayed the doors of the elevator with her juices.

Paul continued spasming his spunk into Michael’s ass and Hailey continued sucking the cum from her husbands tight balls. The three stayed locked together for several moments as their orgasms subsided.

Hailey was the first to unhook from the coupling. She sat back and adjusted her dress, she had all but pushed it off during the fucking. She watched her husband savoring his post orgasmic bliss with a cock still buried in his ass. Michael tugged on his deflated cock and moaned. She watched him bounce, trying to keep the waves going but Paul had blown everything he had into Michael.

Michael slowly started regaining his senses. He noticed his wife first and looked at her with a little embarrassment in his face.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed Michael!” Hailey said breathily.

“Really?” Michael said regaining a little composure.

“It was right up there for me too!” Paul added, his cock softening enough to finally fall out of Michael’s ass.

“Mmm… I kinda want more!” Michael said grinding his ass into Paul.

“I could handle seeing more too lover!” Hailey said rubbing herself through her panties

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