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2 guys at a lake.Wouldn’t have exspected it to come down like this.I was going fishing with my cousin Mike to a lake near his house.I went on Vacation with my family, so he kinda had the duty to show me arround and keep me entertained, but we were getting along well.However, this evening was crazy.We had sucess fishing a few and he showed me how to cook the fish over a fire.I thought it was disgusting at first to eat them ‘raw’ like that, but idid not want to pussy out, so I ate them too.After a lot of talking about casual stuff we started talking about girls.I have never had a girlfriend, and i wasn’t sure whether to pretent.Mike went: “Well, you know, I had to dump my last one. She wanted me tocommit to her, but honestly, that was never part of the deal.I hate it like they are okay with ‘just having fun’ in the beginning and thenstart getting all clingy”.I just nodded. “Yeah, that sucks”.”How about you? any pictures on your phone?””No.””So when was the last time you got laid?”I have been afraid of that moment. But he is my cousin, so why would I lie?I wouldn’t see him again in the next 2 years at least.”I never got laid.””Ooh, i exspected that.”I got angry.”Well, whatever man.””Come on, it was just a joke. It’s no big deal, you will get some ass eventually.””I hope.”We changed the subject and it got dark. We were staying at the lake for the night, it was really warm andwe brought sleeping bags and Water with us.Thus, we changed into our underwear and laid down.I was thinking about whether Mike thought lesser of me now.After a while, it seemed like he could not let the subject go:”You do not know what you are missing out tho. You should find someone to fuck soon”.”Well, thanks for the advice.””It is so awesome to just pump away into some bitch and make her squirt.””Dude, as if you’d be a superlover and make girls squirt nonstop.”I knew he was teasing me by now, but i have to admit it worked.”Oh, i do, want me to tell you how I do it?””Go for it man, I don’t care.””You see, at first i slowly undress her. She is already grabbing after my cock, but i do not allow her to touch it yet.First, i kiss all over her naked body until she gets impatient and wild when i finally reach her pussy.When i finally deem her ready,I let her unzip my pants canlı kaçak bahis and show her my tool. How big are you anyway?””Does it matter?””Well to the bitches it does. Personally, i am 9 inch long. And when she sees a nine inch long thing, she knows she wants it inside her.By then, there is no talking and no slowly anymore. I tell her to go onto all fours and take her from behind.You know how it feels when your cock is between her ass cheeks or in her pussy and stretches her out? She just makes moaning noises, begging for more. And when she gets really wild like a horse, I takemy hand and massage her clit.At first i don’t know what’s happening, but she is screaming so everyone can hear it and I feel warm streams of squirt arround my dick. It almost doesnt come out because I am filling her out.With one last effort, i still pump into her while she squirms and cum, until i Pull out and all of the jizz and the squirt flow out of her and she just breaks down, breathing satisfyed and lying down in the jizz.It is Amazing, I can tell ya!””I know you are lying and you do not have a 9 inch cock.”Even tho i knew it and his made up stories were really clumsy , I was getting horny. In the sleeping bag, my own cock was half erect by now.”Oh, you doubt me? Can show you if you want. Got a boner just telling you about that chick I banged””No, thanks.””Oh, are you mad cuz you only have a little stick and don’t want to see a tree trunk?””Well fuck you man, do it then. Unpack and show me.””Deal.”Didn’t think he’d go through with it.I was getting excited because I was absolutely taken by surprise and never did stuff like comparing cocks orwanking together, so this was new ground for me.The only nude guys I have ever seen were glimpses in the locker room.”alright, her we go.”I could see he was pulling down his shorts in his sleeping bag and standing up.And then he unveiled himself.While by no means 9 inches long, his cock seemed pretty impressive to me.It was definitely thick, hard, and standing up while he slowly stroked it with his hand, grinning.”So, what do you think? Think you can beat me?”I didnt, plainly. My head was red and i was fully erect by now, seeing Mike standing in front of me and stroking his big thing.I was not fat and bahis siteleri canlı would say that i was doing okay on the muscle department, but it wasn’t hard to see Mike was a football playerand had the body to back it up.”so let’s see!”, he said and suddenly pulled my sleeping back away. I struggled but he was stronger.”C’mon man, what the fuck?””Hah, knew it. You are horny”Could not deny it. my prick was stnading up in my shorts.”Let’s see your stuff”.I struggled again, using my feet to kick him away, but he also took my underwear.”So stand up, compare.”I was already shy about myself because iw as really sure he’d win.”Aww, too bad. You are about 7 inch, but really not comparable to mine.””So what, it’s still enough to make any girl happy””Ya, but not enough to make any girl scream. Look at this”.”GIVE IT BACK”.”Hah, make me.”I tried getting my undies back, but he evaded me.Everytime i went for it, i only met a leg or an arm.Until i finally met his dick.”This is what you get, bitch. You are just as weak as women.”He held my head and brought me to my knees while he had his dick near my lips.”Blow it, bitch”.I resisted and tried my best to shake him off, but he tightened his group arround my like a cobra until the only thing I felt was his sweaty nude body and his cock trying to enter my lips.When i wanted to tell him to stop it already, he quickly put it into my mouth.”Blow it. If you bite you get the payback, just telling you, man.”I didnt have much of a choice. He started pumping into me, taking my mouth like a flesh light.It felt like an Anakonda entering my throat.I couldn’t breath, the giant snake entered and exited my mouth.Time after time we lay down there in the sandy ground arround the like and he thrusted into me, until he finally started groaning:”My god, AAARH!”His hot jizz entered me and i felt incredbily violated. my mouth and face was full of his cum and he succumbed on me.”don’t grieve man, I was simply stronger and you let me make you my bitch, heh!”.I just couldn’t let this stand.”Fuck you, I will show you who is whose bitch!”.He was weak from the fucking before. I threw him off me and he already got onto all fours to fight back.”This is getting interesting , huh? What cha gonna do, skippy?”I thrusted canlı bahis towards him, and the sheer surprise aspect enabled me to tackle him down.He was still stronger than me tho and was able to get me onto my back quickly.But this time i was prepared: I gave him a punch to the rips so his whole body would soften, threw him off again and pinned him to the ground.When he wanted to get up, i put my knee on him. He moaned.”Come on man, this ain’t funny, we were just k**idng arround. i am sorry, let me go.””Too late for that, now it’s payback time!”.I was still fully erect while he was just getting hard again.When he bucked up and his ass flew in front of my, i pushed it down again with a slap of my hand and then quickly enteredhis already wet (from the water) ass in one single long movement.”ARRGH FUCK””Is this tiny to you? Huh? Is this skippy?””Cmon, don’t.”I answered it with another fierce push.He was moaning, partly in pleasure, partly in pain.He was starting to get frantic and bucking up like a bull, but i met every of his movement and pushed his ass down again with his cockwhile he whined and growled.The wilder he got, the harder i pumped away into him, until his resistance was broken and fucked and slapped his ass al i wanted to.I felt my balls tighten.I still remembered how he humiliated me b
ack then and wanted a final retort before i came, so i pushed his head down into the waterwhile my cock went crazy in his ass and i totally impaled him like a jackhammer.I finally pulled his head up again and gave my all into the thrusts while he meekly complied to the beating his ass was getting.My cumming was long, much longer than usual. Part went into his ass, another part went onto his back.I gave him a slap for good measure and succumbed on him, proud like a lion who impregnated a whole pride.I gave taht jerk what he deserved.”Wow man….Didn’t think you got that in you. I just wanted you to get more relaxed for that matter.””Well I think I got more relaxed—-and a lot of you got ,more relaxed too.””Yeah, yeah, laugh while you can. But you know I will get my fucking rematch tomorrow, right?Winner fucks loser, and I can tell you, my revenge will be nasty.””Alright man.” I smiled. ” looking forward to that.”We camped a lot at this lake in my time being with him.Sometimes we just talked and jerked off together, sometimes we beat and fucked each other for fun in a competition, and several times we brought girls and had our fun with them.It was the best vacation of my life.To be continued.

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