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1st Time Glory HoleThere’s a club near us that has a wonderful but tiny room with a whole host of glory holes in it. It’s dark so you can’t see in but there’s loads of holes for people to reach through and pop their hands or cocks in. This is about the first time we ever went there.The boyfriend and I went to this club one Sunday evening and while we were looking around we saw this small weird looking room. He pulled me into it and started fingering me and then started kissing me hard, to be honest the room was so dark we couldn’t see anything at all, but we could hear people just on the other side of the wall. That’s when I felt a hand on my leg, it was stroking up and down the back of my thigh but both my boyfriend’s hands were wrapped in my hair as he held me tight against him. I could feel this hand sliding up under my skirt, over my arse and then pulling my thong to one side. I was fucking soaking. My boyfriend held me tight so bursa escort I couldn’t move and made me lean forward so this faceless hand could enter me. I gasped as he plunged his fingers into my hole and I whispered “fuck” into my boyfriends ear. He whispered “feel my cock” I slipped my hand down and felt a hand already wrapped around it stroking it up and down. Oh my GOD! I couldn’t help myself and shuddered to an orgasm immediately. It was so wrong but I loved it. The hand stroking my boyfriends cock, let go and started to slide up my body and play with my nipples. He pinched them hard and the combination of the fingers in my cunt and nipples being pinched pushed me over the edge again and I squirted all over the guys hand.I didn’t know what to do with myself, my legs were shaking, my cunt and thighs were drenched, my nipples were on fire and I’d not even been in the room for 2 minutes!My boyfriend released his grip and escort bursa I slid to my knees in front of him and started to lick the dripping pre-cum off the tip of my favourite cock.I love a leaking cock and his leaking cock is my favourite thing in the entire world! I could literally drink it down all day every day. I slid the length of it in my mouth but then my boyfriend pulled me back and made me turn my head towards where the hands had come through the wall.It had never occurred to me that the men who’d been groping me hadn’t been doing it just for me, they wanted relief too. I turned my head and could feel the tip of a huge cock poking through the wall. He was leaking and wanking himself off…… I realised then it wasn’t the guys hand, it was my boyfriends. He was stroking this guys cock all over my face, slapping my cheeks with it and spreading his pre-cum on my lips and cheeks. I couldn’t stop myself, I practically bursa escort bayan swallowed this guys whole cock in one movement. I’d never been so fucking horny and even though I was gagging on it, I couldn’t stop myself.Another hand was reaching through and teasing my tits again, I was slobbering all over this huge cock and all I could think was. I hope my boyfriend wanks him again. Just as I was thinking this, my boyfriend reached down and squeezed the guys balls. I heard a groan, felt the huge cock get harder and swell in my mouth and then my favourite treat of all! Delicious sweet spunk down my throat. As soon as I swallowed it all and licked his cock clean, I realised there was another cock popping through another hole, I quickly wrapped my lips around it and savoured this smaller but equally delicious cock. Unfortunately it was too much for him and he came almost immediately. My boyfriend and I both slumped back against the opposite wall and went silent. My boyfriend leaned towards my ear and whispered”Love you, Slut”I smiled because I know he loves the fact that his prim girlfriend is only prim to the outside world, but to him she’s a complete and utter slut.

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