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#01 How I found out about my best friend and gf
First story, cut me some slack. Based all on memory.

My girlfriend, Alyssa, and I have been together for years now, and we’re in our early-ish twenties. We met while working together at a local hardware store, and it was great because it was us two, my best friend Matt, and another good friend, Eddie, that typically worked all on the same shift. We all lived generally close so work wasn’t the only place I got to see them all.

Since a couple months after we began dating, we started having sex, and it was the best I’ve ever had! Although, I never had a lot of experience in the past. After about a year and a half, I left the hardware store and got a busier job and seemed like I didn’t get to see my girlfriend as often as I did before (we didn’t live together), which meant we weren’t really having sex anymore. That’s alright because she didn’t seem to complain really and I easily took care of myself when necessary.

One night, I asked her who she was texting, since she is alwayssss on her phone. She replied, “the new supervisor at work. It’s work stuff.” I thought it was weird that she was texting her supervisor, but I guessed a lot of people have their manager’s and supervisor’s numbers just in case. Other than dinner, nothing else really happened that night. Very exciting. The next day however, I asked Eddie curiously, “do you guys have a new supervisor at work?” He replied to me, “same guy since you left. But hey guess what, Matt is a supervisor in training now! We should celebrate!” Without considering that information whatsoever, I told him, “What? No way! Yeah I’m down. Let’s do something this weekend.” So after congratulating Matt and talking to them about a celebration, the plan ended up being Matt, Eddie, Alyssa, and I going to Matt’s place, since he’s the only one with his own place. But oddly, Alyssa said she didn’t want to go. I kept telling her it would be fun, but it was no use. So then it turned into just us three.

When the weekend came, Eddie and I got Matt his at the time favorite drink, Costco brand whiskey, and headed over. We just kinda hungout, drank, did a couple natural d**gs, and chatted up the night with some video and card games. It went on for a few hours until Eddie payed for a car ride home just before 1am. He asked if I wanted a lift home with him, but I don’t normally like leaving my car overnight, so naturally I said, “No thanks, I’m gonna crash here.” Matt’s my best friend, of course he’d let me. Which he did.

Once Eddie left, we knew each of us wasn’t tired, so we decided to try and finish the whiskey (bad idea in the long run).
Just a few minutes after this, I realized that Matt was probably the one texting Alyssa. I didn’t say anything about it, canlı bahis I just kinda brushed it off as nothing. When I checked my phone just for a few seconds, drunk Matt asked, “Is that Alyssa? Tell her to come over!” I kinda got nervous for a second and said, “Nah I thought I got a text but it wasn’t anything.” Then he ended up telling me, “You’re lucky you get to hit that anytime you want, dude. I’d be in it every day if I could!” Typically, this would be an awkward situation for me, but with the drinks flowing, I went along with it. I said, “You’re missing out, my man” laughed and continued “for real though we don’t see each other at the right time for that.” And then he asked, “What if she’s just cheating instead?” I softly disagreed with him. I started to feel kinda bad, because I don’t like talking about people when they aren’t around. He continued with the conversation and asked me what I would do if I find out she was cheating. I said, “I don’t think I’d really be mad to be honest, just upset that I was lied to, ya know?” He quickly replies by asking, “You wouldn’t be mad? You wouldn’t try to beat the guy up or break up with Alyssa or do some crazy shit at all? I don’t believe you. What would you do if you found out right now that your girl was fucking another guy?” I casually laughed and said, “I don’t know, maybe ask her why she didn’t tell me earlier I guess.” As I poured another round for us, drunk Matt strikes again and says to me, “since you’re my best friend ever, dawg, Imma tell you. I’ve been fucking Alyssa.” Right then my stomach dropped and I felt weird, but not a bad weird. A mix between extreme surprise and a bit being turned on, honestly. Shockingly, I asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me before? When did it happen?” He laughed and said “You actually asked what you said you’d ask!” He then told me that he fucks her 2 to 3 times a week. And explained that it started when she personally delivered the new work shirts to him before his shift one day (I remember her asking me if I wanted to go with her but I said I couldn’t). He had a towel on after a shower and purposely loosened it so it would fall or come close. When it fell, he says they talked like that for a couple minutes and then she started sucking his dick, just like that. He said probably because he’s “hugely” irresistible. Rode him without a condom (I already knew she doesn’t use them) until he was ready to cum and she swallowed it all. He said she swallows almost every time.

Hearing the story he told me, it actually really turned me on. He continuously begged me not to tell her that he told me. I agreed not to say anything. Felt weird basically saying I wouldn’t confront my girlfriend about her letting my best friend fuck her without saying anything bonus veren siteler to me. But I said I should ‘catch’ her so she doesn’t think you told. We vaguely made a plan to have us three hangout and spend the night, and if she tries to sleep with him, I’ll be there. I told him, “Let me know when you fuck her again so I can give her a hard time with questions!” And laughed. He just said, “Deal.”
After all the excitement and a half hour later, we were both exhausted and agreed to go to sleep. Waking up wasn’t as bad as I thought since we really didn’t come close to finishing the giant bottle of whiskey, however it was a little awkward remembering the night and seeing Matt the next morning. I faked a bad hangover so I could slip out quickly.
A few days later, while getting ready to hangout with Alyssa soon, I get a text from Matt. I felt a little nervousness and my heart was going slightly faster. I opened it to see “Your girl about to get my dick wet”. He actually told me when. Texting Alyssa a few times asking if she’ll be ready soon and a “Hello?”, I didn’t get a respond for 40 minutes and it was, “Just gotta finish my makeup(:”. Well when she actually was ready, 20 minutes after the text, I picked her up and we went to get food. Every time I looked at her, I saw her differently, more… sexier I guess you could say. While eating, I told her that we really missed her on the weekend and they want to do it again this weekend with her there too. To my surprise, she said, “Sure, I’ll go.” So I guess it was happening. On the drive home, I put my hand on her thigh and moved it higher and higher. Until she stopped me and pushed it away, saying she wasn’t really in the mood. This was really on my mind for a while after that. I didn’t know if she was only interested in Matt’s, or if he makes her feel better, or she simply wasn’t in the mood. But it bothered me for some reason.

After a few more days and a text from Matt, the weekend was here. I was ready to go to Matt’s place again. I asked Alyssa if she wanted me to pick her up on the way, but she said she wanted to drive separate so she could leave if I drink too much and I could leave if she drinks too much. Sorta Understandable. However, I’m sure it was a joke. I got there first and we were just waiting for her, which she was on her way. We didn’t invite Eddie this weekend. When she got there, she made things a bit awkward at first, or maybe I thought that because I just knew. But the drinks started to flow. It was clear that nobody was leaving that night since we drank the rest of the bottle and some. With the music and loud talking and way more drinking this time, things were getting forgettable. I do remember at one point Alyssa kept kissing deneme bonusu me, and Matt said, “Aww, this is awkward for me.” And she said “Nooo it doesn’t have to be!” She turned to me and asked, “Is it okay if I give Matt a kiss to make him feel better?” Obviously she does not drink often. I figured, why not, and said, “Sure.” She was going towards Matt and jumped on him and started kissing him. For at least a minute straight. It was uncomfortable even while being intoxicated so I pretended not to notice how long this was happening for.

What happened next was a bit of a blur. But around 2am, I told them I was going to sleep. They got upset at me but stayed at the table talking about whatever while I lied on the couch. I saw them get up, and Matt went to his bedroom, and Alyssa went to the guest room across the hall. Curious to see if anything would happen, I stayed awake. After about 15 minutes passed I was ready to fall asleep. Then I saw Matt’s door slowly open, he quietly closed it behind him, and went into the guest room. I don’t think I felt that typed of nervousness before then when I saw that! I didn’t know what to do, so I sat up and just stared down the hallway. Nothing happened. No lights, no sounds, I thought maybe I was half asleep and seeing a dream.

When five minutes passed I heard that door open. I threw my head down on the couch so fast, and pretended I was asleep. I saw Matt poke his head out, then he went in his room, followed by my girlfriend only wearing her bra and thong. At that moment I felt like I was living in some sort of porno or something. I knew what was happening, so I gave them probably 7 minutes of fuck time and then I stood up. I walked down the hallway very slowly and very nervously and put my ear up to the door, like I couldn’t hear it when I was getting closer, the sound of bodies slamming on each other, moans, and louder moans. I reached for the handle, ready to open the door, just to look. I let go. I didn’t know what would happen if I did open the door so I went into the bathroom instead. Just thinking of what’s happening and wishing they would’ve included me. Several minutes later. Matt’s door opened. I came out of the bathroom and ended up scaring Alyssa. She stared at me in shock, wearing nothing but her thong and the t-shirt Matt was wearing that night. I asked her, “What were you doing in Matt’s room?” She replied saying, “I was cold so I asked him for a shirt. Mine isn’t comfortable to sleep in.” I knew what happened so I didn’t get into anymore questioning. The next thing I told her was, “You look so sexy.” She smiled and we started making out in the hall for what felt like a really long time. When she finally pulled away and went into the guest room, I was following behind her until she turned around and said, “I can’t take anymore tonight, babe. I’m tired. Goodnight.” With a smile, she shut the door. I went back to the couch, only to realize I just made out with her after Matt told me my girlfriend always swallows for him.

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